4D+@ HSL-Track Voice Recognition Zero-Gravity Full-Body Massage Chair, Tablet Remote Hubot4D (Black)

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  • Hubot promises to provide the ultimate rejuvenation and ecstatic relaxation for those who need professional high-quality full-body massage therapy.
  • Along with innovatory HSL-Track with 4D+@ Performance KMS-08M-225L Massage System with the latest technology
  • Fully automated movements with full body scanning to fit perfectly of your body size up to 6.2′ 350 lbs. comfortably.
  • Upgraded 24 Auto Programs with tablet remote, Voice Recognition with convenience features.




    Kahuna Massage Chair – Exquisite 4D+@ HSL-Track Voice Recognition Zero-Gravity Full-Body Massage Chair with Tablet Remote HM-078 Hubot4D (Champaign)

    Kahuna massage chair hm hubot 4D Massage Chair Kahuna massage chair hm hubot 4D Massage Chair Kahuna massage chair hm hubot 4D Massage Chair Kahuna massage chair hm hubot 4D Massage Chair

    Additional information


    Fully Assembled




    Full Body

    Automatic Body Scan


    Heating Therapy

    Calf, Feet, Lower back


    Tablet Remote



    Standard Warranty

    3 Years – Parts & Labor

    Auto foot extension






    MASSAGE Auto Programs



    HM Human-Like

    Session Time

    Max 60 Minutes









    14 reviews for 4D+@ HSL-Track Voice Recognition Zero-Gravity Full-Body Massage Chair, Tablet Remote Hubot4D (Black)

    1. 5 out of 5

      Dy nice

      Awesome,very nice

    2. 5 out of 5

      Adrian B Booker

      Good presentation because I would be interested in this chair .

    3. 5 out of 5

      Kerry N. Aldrich

      Hubot 4d is a remarkable machine. I’ve had mine for a bit over two months now and I’m still grinning each time I use it. I’ve had many back issues and this chair is one of my main tools for pain relief. I know when I start it up that relief is on it’s way. Every time. It’s really hard to put a value on that but for me, the Hubot 4d is a remarkable therapy device, well worth it’s price.This is my second Hubot. I had the 3d version for about six years. I used it heavily and it was retired only due to fabric issues. It had well over 8k hours. Some days I would use it for hours at a time. It never complained and happily thumped my back till the day I sold it away, just after my new one arrived.I shopped many hours looking for a replacement but as you probably know there are a lot of choices. After abusing the 3d for so many years I knew that brand would be a good long term investment and decided to go with the same but newer Kahuna Hubot 4d. I’m very glad I did.One of the original drawing factor for me to the Hubot design is it’s weight. It’s got a beast of a frame made from steel square tube. The arm rest units are heavily built fiberglass. The wiring is tidy and well done. The SL track seems near indestructible. The new touch screen is a huge improvement. I already knew the quality of the linear actuators and motors used by Kahuna. The only time I had an air bag issue was a young kitty with very sharp claws attacked the head piece and punctured the left temple airbag. It was easily repaired with some contact cement. Interestingly the air system didn’t seem to mind the leak and continued doing its thing just with a bit of air hiss. This companies product has earned it’s place in my house. It is strongly. It will thump the living tar out of you. Or you can soften it up but for me the hard thumping is what does it.Sitting in my Hubot 4d is a pleasure well earned.

    4. 5 out of 5


      I came looking for a massage chair. There were lower priced chairs but the 4d system on the kahuna chair was different. And the price was right for my situation. It was nice that it was large enough to massage my head as well.

    5. 5 out of 5


      I’ve had the Kahuna Hubot for about a week and love it!! It works well for both my husband (6’2″) and me (5’4″) in spite of our size differences. My husband is a professional massage therapist (>10 years) and he’s very particular. He really likes deep massages and this chair delivers. I also like more intense massages but not to his level. We were extremely nervous to buy this chair without trying it and had tried other brands at local places (i.e. Cozzia) but the price tags were high. This chair had the advanced features (HSL track, 3D rollers, head massage, calf rollers, etc) for much cheaper so after reading all the reviews, we decided to just go for it.It did not disappoint! Initially though, when we each had our first massages, we were a little disappointed thinking that it wasn’t deep enough. Luckily we quickly learned how to adjust the settings and every massage (and program) has been awesome so far.Based on previous reviews, it looks like there has been two major upgrades as well: (1) Remote control (see photo) – the buttons are backlit and it is easy to use. I don’t see the need of using any apps or anything extra. (2) Manual – it is a nice little booklet, clear and easy to read and it also gives a guide as to how to use the remote control. Another thing I’d like to raise after seeing some reviews is that the head massage is one of my fav things. Some reviewers said it was just airbags but it really has good pressure and I love how it massages my temples.So far, we’ve been happy with the customer service and the white glove delivery service. The chair rocks and we pinch ourselves sometimes feeling like it’s too unreal we have such an awesome massage chair. That said, it’s only been a week so if we ever feel differently, I’ll be sure to update this review!!

    6. 5 out of 5


      Purchased the chair as a gift for my wife. Was impressed by the wide range of features, including many massage modes, air pressure, heat, Bluetooth speakers, and iOS app for Apple devices. TOTALLY DELIGHTED! Very well made, straightforward to assemble (though I have a decent amount of mechanical and electronic experience), attractive in champagne finish, and suitable for 5-foot to 6-foot users. Biggest drawback is having only one for four family members! Although it’s not inexpensive, we went from out-of-pocket health insurance to drastically reduced employer coverage and used some of the savings to pay for it as a durable equipment purchase. Serious bump to our quality of life. Five enthusiastic stars!***Addendum – Just read other customers’ reviews and agree – especially about customer service. Spoke with two people at Kahuna, and both were super friendly and helpful. Also, they checked in after our purchase to make sure everything was on point and to notify us about software update. (Just arrived today. Looks like an easy process, and we’re excited to try it out!)***Addendum – Just installed the software update. Was a breeze, and makes a BIG difference with lower air pressure settings. (Had to carefully line up the back tabs of the computer cover to be sure they were seated before replacing the two front screws.) Much appreciated!

    7. 5 out of 5


      Easier to control on the ap rather than hand control, cord gets in the way

    8. 5 out of 5

      Vivi Pirroni 

      I love my chair. I’ve had it for 3 weeks and use it daily.Pros:Blue toothManual modeHeated legs and back (adjustable)Ability to adjust air pressure, heat intensity, and roller heightThe ability to fix the rollers all up and down your head and back. I focus on my neck and shoulders.Spectacular massages all around. Even people who “hate massages” like itThe airbags, especially on the feet and sides and headThe look of envy when people see it.Cons:Can’t adjust the intensity of the rollers. Reallly wish I could because I’m a wimp.That roller thing at the back of your calves/knees. What is that? It’s horrible. I feel like I’m getting a friction burn, so I turn it off.I’m short (5’4) and I don’t really see the big deal with the yoga stretch. It just seems to pull my knees and thighs. I was super excited about this feature and for me, it’s meh. My 6’3 husband and other tall family members love it. Maybe it’s a height thing, or I’m doing it wrong. I feel like it doesn’t hold the stretch quite long enough.It’s an investment, but it’s a worthy one.

    9. 5 out of 5

      Ryan Mill

      Best gaming chair ever. I can easily play 20-30 hours of Fortnite none stop no problem now.

    10. 5 out of 5

      L. Holloway

      I received my Kahuna Hubot HM-078 in black one week ago today. I wanted to give it a little time before I added this review as this is a FEATURE RICH massager and it takes a bit of time to explore it’s programs and capabilities. First. This chair fits me very well. It also fits most of my other family members just as well, ages 12 and older. The headrest has a little weight bag on it and adjusts very easily to anyone that sits in it. Ok, I am gonna be honest, I did a ton of research and I knew this chair would be both very good and capable, but I was not aware that Kahuna provided some auto programs that are capable of doing things I have never experienced in any massage, human or mechanical. I am referring to the Kahuna Yoga Stretching program. I don’t do Yoga, never have. I have degenerative lower back arthritis that was diagnosed as advancing 20 years ago. The Yoga stretching program is able to actually stretch my spine and lower back which is absolutely mind blowing and pain relieving. I was blown away by this. There is a program for just about every mood and ache or pain that you may have on any given day. Some of them are very intense(anti-stress) and others are soothing (sleep aid) and will settle you right into a good nights rest as long as you can get yourself out of the chair at the program end (you will be very relaxed). Other programs like rocking and deep tissue, have there place as well. The heat in this chair takes a few mins to get going, which is normal, but works very well once it does and covers your torso and legs and feet which is another excellent feature. There is virtually no part of your body that will not be intensely or gently soothed and massaged in this AMAZING chair depending on your needs and choice. When my wife saw it, she was a bit put off as it is not a small chair(although it works well just 5 inches from the wall). She said it looked like it belongs at Disney’s Epcot. I laughed and said ok, just wait. And then she tried it and she does not make any jokes any more…everyone in my family that has tried this chair I asked them to give it a rating from 1-5 with 5, being incredible. The Hubot got all 5’s across the board. I did a 20 minute sleep aid before I went to bed last night and I can not recall the last time I slept so deeply and well. The bluetooth connection, app and speakers for music streaming are stellar and easy to use. I stream the SPA radio channel from Apple Music whenever someone including myself is enjoying the massager. Everyone loves this thing. I could go on and on about this massager, but I will leave you with this if you are considering a purchase. My son plays pop warner tackle football and in our first week of ownership we have used this chair to prepare him for a game or to recover after a tough practice. Here is what he says about the Kahuna Hubot “Dad, you have bought a lot of cool stuff, but this chair is the GREATEST thing you have ever bought!”Last but not least : The service and response from GPW customer service is TOP NOTCH. I was upgraded during my process and they called to let me know. I also did purchase white glove (this thing is heavy) and the delivery/setup went perfectly. Was well worth it. They had me sit in and test everything before they left and made adjustments just as if I was in a retail store. Huge thumbs up! This is worth every penny especially if you are aging like me (just turned 50, this was my gift) and have joint pain, you can have a massage or two or three every single day or night.Update after a month of ownership: Not a day goes by that I do not use this chair. I love all the programs, but I have also discovered that the manual mode of this chair takes things up a huge notch once you acclimate to a daily massage. I tested out a very intense massage last night on manual and man this chair has higher gears and lower gears if you want more or less, it really is fantastic and the build is so solid, it will last a long time. I will say this chair is definitely for someone very serious about massage therapy. It can deliver in all respects.

    11. 5 out of 5

      William Bain

      Never had a massage chair before, so I have nothing to compare it to, but my wife and I really enjoy this one.PROS:– She’s 5′-4″ and I’m 6′-1″, and the chair accommodates us both pretty well.– Huge array of rollers, air bags, massaging motions, programs, etc.– The built-in heating pad works well.– The sleep aid and anti-stress programs are our favorites because they’re gentle (some of the programs are a little harsh).– Assembly was fairly easy and quick. Just had to remove and replace two side units because I hadn’t known to extricate the remote cable before putting them on.– Appears very solidly built.– Pretty quiet operation.– The fit & finish are immaculate. Seams are tidy, there are zippers everywhere for removing fabric panels, and the paint job is flawless.CONS:– The remote is not up to the quality of design found in the rest of the chair. It has no way of saving settings. We knew this from other reviews, but it is just mind boggling that it wasn’t included in the design. There’s no good reason that it couldn’t save my scanned dimensions, and that it can’t remember my wife’s air intensity setting. I sure hope there’s a remote upgrade option available soon.– The buttons don’t light up, so we have to memorize where they are and feel for them in the dark. Such a simple, inexpensive thing to have designed into the product. Very shortsighted.– Navigating the menu is confusing. By the time we remember how to turn down the intensity, we’re already getting beaten up. Maybe we’ll get quicker at it eventually.– The back rollers bruise my lower back near the tail bone (although this doesn’t happen to my wife). I definitely need to add some padding there.– The foot rollers push pretty hard, too, so we both agree that we need to add some padding under the feet. Another customer said that the company will send free pads, but we haven’t requested them yet.– Wife complains that the lower leg air bags squeeze her calves too hard, even at lowest air pressure setting. I don’t imagine we can adjust that any further.– The head massage is just a pair of air bags at the temples. Nothing exciting. Wife thinks they squeeze too hard.– It took me quite a few tries to connect my new Android phone to the bluetooth speakers. They actually show up as two separate bluetooth devices, named differently than in the instructions. The first one allows pairing, but no connection (appears not to be an audio device). Eventually I somehow got the second device to show up in the list, and was able to pair and connect. Sound quality is just mediocre.– No fault of Kahuna, but the local delivery guy refused to put the chair in the house, even though we ostensibly paid for over-the-threshold delivery. He left it in the driveway and I had to completely unpack it out there to heft the parts inside. Good thing it wasn’t raining out.We did quite a lot of research on the web, and we’re glad we went with Kahuna. (Particularly because at least one other competing company puts up bogus “review” web sites with deceiving domain names just to steer people to their company web page! Won’t mention their name, but their initials are MB).It’s only been a week so far, but we’re happy with the purchase. The Kahuna Hubot seems like a quality product overall.

    12. 5 out of 5


      Never thought I would be purchasing such an expensive massage chair but I’m happy I did.I’ll start with the Pros, Cons, and lastly Hopes.Pros:1. The full body heat feature makes a huge difference in the massage experience, this was a lower on my decision matrix when I was comparing with similar chairs and now it’s one of my favorite features.2. The amount of massage points are outstanding. Personal favorites are hands/forearms, glutes, calves, and head.3. A very good amount of preset massage themes, all with their own unique type of massage. Really like some of the stretching ones.4. iOS and Android apps are well made if you don’t want to use the remote (the remote isn’t as bad as the other reviews make it out to be).5. Bluetooth is kinda neat.6. The range of movement is very impressive it’s able to put you at 180 degrees with the ‘zero G’ button.7. Nice customization options for massage times, massage locations, airbag strength, speed, but strangely enough you cannot adjust the massage roller strength… (hopefully a software update will address this).Cons:1. As mentioned above you strangely enough cannot adjust the massage strength of the rollers. You can adjust the airbag intensity, airbag location, massage speed, body part, range of body parts covered, time, height of chair, height of foot rest, but not the strength of the regular rollers…2.. The chair doesn’t seem to have onboard memory so it will not remember you or your “favorite settings” it has to scan you first each time. Just takes about 10-15 seconds. But it’d be nice if it had profiles for different users and favorite settings, like: User: 1 – Favorite 1: (Heat on, massage on feet and head only). You instead have to manually select each thing you want or do not want one at a time every time. Not a deal breaker but something that really should have been included at this price point.Hopes:1. Add a massage roller strength option (1,2,3,4,5 or High/Medium/Low)2. Add a heat level/intensity option (High/Medium/Low)3. Use the phone’s memory via the App to solve the Profile/Favorite issue so you can save your favorite customized manual selections.There is an *Update* button on the phone apps Settings, so I assume my above hopes would be possible to add via a future update.

    13. 5 out of 5

      the amazonian

      Update 3/1/2018 – Kahuna Techs came out and updated the program. Now I can use all the higher Airbag settings without pain.Thank you Eric, Joyce, Andrea for your excellent service.Your guys rock! Such as great service! Best Massage Chair!*********************************


      We’re been looking for a massage chair that can massage head-to-toe. We tested out Inada Dreamwave massage chair (awesome chair, but too pricey and no foot roller/massage), Human Touch Novo XT (excellent chair, little bit too pricey for us, no head massage). We finally went to the Kahuna headquarter at Cypress, CA and tested pretty much all models they had on display there. We like this Hubot HM-078 the best. So we purchased it on the spot.Pros:- Massage head to toes- Convenient Remote app on the phone (better interface than the clunky remote that came with the chair).This eliminates the back lid issue from previous users review. Better menu, easier to use/navigate, and conveniently accessible to all options without going through sub-menu after sub menu.Cons/rooms for improvement:- Leg/calf massage is so painful when increased airbag intensity to 4 or higher. It is unbearable. Received call from Andrea that new update will be sent to update the program to fix this problem. No ETA yet though. Still awaiting for the update.

    14. 5 out of 5

      Adrian B Booker 

      I like this massage chair presentation

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