Kahuna Massage Chair Basic L-track Full-body Kahuna Massage Chair, LM-6800 Black

(69 customer reviews)


Warranty 3 Years Limited Warranty
We offer warranties for all parts, labor and structural framework of the chair.
First Year

1st year covers all parts and labor cost therefore, no expense for the repair will be required from customer for a year after the purchase date. (except for the remote controller)
For the 2nd Year
2nd year of warranty covers only the parts of the massage chair and kahuna chair is not responsible for the expense of the labor, however the option of shipping in the chair to our company for repairing will be serviced at a customer’s expense of one way shipping.
From the 3 years
3rd year of warranty covers only the structural framework.
Customers can contact the KAHUNA Massage Chair Customer Service department toll-free at 1-855-646-9500.





    $300 Mother’s Day Sale Discount applied




    Full-body L-Track Kahuna Massage chair with Space-Saving, Zero-Gravity with heating therapy – LM-6800



    Full-body massage therapy



    Special YOGA Program

    LM-6800 has special automatic massage program called “Yoga-Stretching”. One of the most popular Kahuna massage programs that users love. Shoulders and legs are grabbed by the chair and it reclines to opposite direction to give maximum stretching. This was first program is designed to increase blood circulation to eliminate toxins and boost health benefits from massage such as stress and tension on the body. Perfect program to use daily for tired body.


    LM-6800 Main L-Track Massage System

    LM-6800 main massage system is on L-track with 4 wheels rollers. It is shape of roller trail designed to supports to your neck to back and all the way to buttocks. This system will cover your entire back and decompresses everyone’s spine and increases the effects range of massage by far.


    Zero Gravity Positions

    Zero gravity position is most effective position to effectively enjoy a massage. Zero-gravity massage chairs can help spread a user’s weight across the chair and less burden your lower back pressure. This relieves stress on the body and allows for a deeper, more intense massage experience. The reduction of stress on your body is so effective you’ll feel virtually weightless as a result. There are 3 stages of zero gravity, the next one being more reclined. The therapeutic effects are incredibly effective and immediately feel the relief.


    Computer Smart Body Scan Technology

    Computer scans will detect your body size automatically when you start one of the auto programs and you can now enjoy custom fit body massage.


    Space-Saving Technology

    None space-saving massage chairs usually require over 20” from the wall to be in zero gravity, but LM-6800 has space-saving sliding reclining system will only need 3” from the wall, it will always look great in your room.

    Foot Massage

    There are 1 main double rollers with 2 acupoint nodes for the bottom of the feet. Roller can go clock /counter clock directions. It provides a soothing kneading style application. When the rollers spin, it will stimulate acupuncture points. Also, when the air bags inflate, it will provide a much deeper massage along the bottoms of your feet.

    Air-cell Massage Technology

    LM-6800 has uniquely designed air massage technology covers most of the surface area with minimal number of airbags. The air bags are programmed to inflate separately for better blood circulation on the body to and assist stretching the body according to the programs. It stretches applied to the shoulders, hips, and thighs. Full body air massage from shoulder to foot.

    Calf and Foot massage

    There are multiple air bags for the legs and feet. It gives a compression massage. Also, there are 4 rollers and 2 assist rollers as well. You can also manually adjust the foot massager length.

    Lower Back and Calves Heat therapy

    Heat therapy on your Lower back dilates the blood vessels of the muscles surrounding the lumbar spine. Calves heat therapy improves blood circulations throughout the body. This process increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, helping to heal the damaged tissue.

    FEATURE List

    1. 4-rollers with L-track massage system
    2. Space Saving with Three Zero Gravity Positions
    3. Computer body scan technology
    4. All-in-one whole body massage with 36 Air Bag Massagers
    5. 6 automatic massage programs
    6. 5 Different portions of body massage programs
    7. (a. neck-waist, b. waist-lower back, c. lower back-buttock, d. neck-buttock, e. buttock-mid back)
    8. 3 Levels of speed and pressure adjustments
    9. Quick Heating Technology: Back and Legs
    10. Stretchable & Flexible Footrest for any height. Recommended max Height is 6 feet.
    11. Buttock Roller Massage
    12. Yoga program stretches whole body vertically while holds shoulders and push to stretch out shoulder blades and neck
    13. Light legs tilting improves twisted pelvic
    14. Built in Castor for easy movement


    • Shoulder massage unit provides easy and pleasant air pressure massage for shoulder.
    • Massage body areas of palm, arms, spine and buttock with air pressure.
    • Massage your shanks, ankles and soles with strong wrapped rollers.
    • Shoulder position detection function let you enjoy more individualized massage.
    • Adjustable shoulder position.
    • Adjustable shoulder and back massage strength.
    • Massage speed can be adjusted when kneading and tapping options are selected.
    • Built in castor for easy movement.
    • Relieve fatigue, stress and tension of your lower back.
    • Improve blood circulation.
    • Soothes tired muscles.
    • Relaxes stiff and aching muscles.






    Rated voltage 110-120V
    Rated  Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Rated  Power Consumption 230W Max
    Dimension (LXWXH) 46 x 31 x 48 Inches 
    Net weight  189Lb
    Gross weight  220Lb

    Additional information

    Weight 200.0 lbs
    Dimensions 31 × 57 in

    Semi Assembled




    Full Body

    Automatic Body Scan




    Heating Therapy



    Hand Held Remote

    MASSAGE Auto Programs


    Session Time

    Max 30 Minutes




    LM Luxury

    Standard Warranty

    2 Parts, 3 Structure, 3 Years Limited Warranty-1 Part & Labor

    Auto foot extension














    69 reviews for Kahuna Massage Chair Basic L-track Full-body Kahuna Massage Chair, LM-6800 Black

    1. 5 out of 5


      Works Well… We bought this for our recovery room and it does good job on relaxation we love it.

    2. 5 out of 5

      Mike RJ

      Wonderful massage. Looks great, massages just like I had hoped for.

    3. Kyle R

      This is the exact massage chair i been looking for very long time.
      Highly recommand and very satisfied with LM-6800 Performance

    4. 5 out of 5

      Matt Duke

      We have been looking for a limited space massage chair for some time and as this was on sale we decided to take the plunge. We are extremely happy with it. It is very economical on space but does everything it promises. A few things to note. It is heavy so it may take two of you to put it together. The instructions are not very helpful, better to go to the video on YouTube and you can put this together in less than 10 minutes. Only issue is as others have said. The foot massage is brutal and we like a strong foot massage. Place a small hand towel on the fabric and that should be enough to go from pain to pleasure (this is why we made it 4 stars, not 5). Also, if you are very tall or very wide this chair isn’t for you. We are both under 6ft. All in all, we are very happy. Let’s hope it doesn’t break down because after the 1st year of their warranty you need to ship it to them to repair!

    5. 5 out of 5

      Kindle Customer

      This chair is WONDERFUL!

      EDIT: 1 year and a couple of months later; I’m still extremely happy with the chair, but last week had the first “hiccup”, something in the mechanism started to “pop” which I could feel and hear. I talked to William in the tech dept. and he gave me directions (simple) on how to isolate the problem. I found it, reported back to him (a sleeve sewn into a panel was loose and was catching a roller as it passed by), he sent me a replacement, zip-in panel and in 10 minutes I’m golden again. Nice, knowledgeable gentleman, patient and just super customer relations training. This chair gets a workout, I’m still 100% satisfied with both the product AND their tech problem dept! I’ve only had the chair for 5 days, so I can’t speak to longevity, but I absolutely love it! I had polio as a child, I have 3 vertebrates fused and I’m in a constant state of “hurt”. I detest painkillers, and while massage is helpful, I lack access and funds, so I look wherever I can for relief. This massage chair does that in spades! I limit myself to 15 minutes in the morning, and 15 in the late afternoon, and it is simply blissful for me. I’m still sorting out all of the possibilities and combinations, and as others mentioned the foot massage is painful for me…but I’ve padded it a bit and its okay now.I took a real gulp when I ordered this, sight unseen, and relied on reviews on Amazon. It’s not inexpensive, I had to “save up” to order it…but the purchase is one of the best moves I’ve made in a long, long time! If you suffer back pain, judicious use of the chair will help you…it did me!

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    6. 5 out of 5


      Not what we expected at all…big disappointment

      UPDATE 11-11-2020:After reaching out and finding the right guy at Kahuna to talk to, they offered to take the chair back no problem at all. This type of customer service is almost non existent today, and is exceptional, On customer service alone I give them 5 stars. Even though the chair didn’t work out the company at least went above and beyond to take care of us.Original Review:First of all, we researched chairs a long time before finally deciding to go with Kahuna, and were very Leary about making such a big purchase online and now looking back wish we hadn’t. We went Kahuna based on the glowing reviews and it seemed like a really decent chair for the price, and we like the idea of the stretching the main feature we were looking for in a chair. I have been battling sickness for years and having something like this would be a huge benefit for my body since I haven’t been able to move much. I had used other chairs in the past and they really seemed to help out so we decided to finally invest in our own and unfortunately couldn’t be more disappointed.Pros1. It looks niceCons1. Shipping was a terrible experience, the item actually sat is a warehouse a couple miles from out house for two weeks while we fought to get it delivered. When we finally were able to track down the third party delivery company that was actually delivering the product, they were excellent to deal with and went above and beyond our expectations. The actual shipping company was a joke.2. The chair is incredibly painful to use. In fact the only part that doesn’t Hurt is the part all the other reviewers complained about, the feet. The foot massage was the only tolerable part of the chair. Every other aspect of the chair would cause severe pain. I kept trying every way possible just to make sure I wasn’t doing something wrong I mean there were so many glowing reviews surely it just must be me but even on the lowest mildest setting it would cause unbearable pain, there was no easy mode for sure. And the part we bought the chair for, the stretching is even intolerable. I had several other people try the chair to make sure it wasn’t just me and everyone had the same response, it was just a rough unfun experience and a couple even told me it took them days to recover from how harsh it was.3. The remote leaves a lot to be desired. Controlling the chair is actually quite difficult and the only way to stop the chair from what it’s doing even in manual mode is to shut the remote off the turn back on. You can pause but the function just resumes back when you unpause, there really should be a cancel feature. The functions are very limited and in manual mode the three stage pressure adjustment doesn’t work only in auto. Which seems odd. Overall the remote is generic and functions are basic.4. The chair was put together by professionals but after only a couple uses it makes a horrendous grinding sound when reclining.5. The footrest part is not automatic like the rest of the chair. In order to extend it for your size you have to manually push with your legs and hold it in that position. This eventually becomes pretty uncomfortable to keep doing and isn’t very relaxing. Not a huge deal but wish it had been more adjustable so you didn’t feel like your legs were constantly being pushed into your chest and there could be a more natural way to sit.Unfortunately this chair for us just doesn’t work and even more Unfortunate is that between the shipping issues and getting it put together it was already past the return date by a couple weeks so now we are stuck with an expensive chair we cannot use that just sits there collecting dust. Like I said I have used a few other chairs and never had issues like with this one which Is very disappointing because we researched so much to make sure we narrowed it down the right one, and were so excited to actually have something like this to improve my quality of life which would have been huge for me. It’s tough buying such an item online you really have to try one for yourself first.

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    7. 5 out of 5



      We recently purchased the Kahuna Massage Chair for a combo husband/wife birthday and anniversary. We love it! I’m using about every other day and my husband…..well let’s round down and say 3 times a day, it’s great. I am 56 years old and a nurse of 34 years and I’m thinking my legs would be in better shape if I had purchased this in my 20s or 30s. There is nothing like a good shower and massage after a long day and the zero gravity function is great for elevating your legs above your heart. The chair is designed to be low profile, so even in this position it does not hit the wall (big plus) Also, love the L track function that really gets down around your lower back and hips. The foot compression is a little too strong sometimes, but there are always other program options that allow you to bypass this area or wearing rubber soled slippers solves the problem for me. This is one of our better purchases and the white glove service, offered through the company was great. They basically come in and set it up for you for an additional charge. We felt very pampered throughout the whole process. I made my decision by reading a lot of reviews, hope this helps you make yours. Happy New Year,….. to your health. 

    8. 4 out of 5

      Charlie WhiskeyCharlie Whiskey

      Good Massage Chair with Full Body Functions

      The LM6800 was shipped on time and well packed when received. Putting it together is easy if you are good with tools and handy. But it will make it easier if reading through the instruction first and “pre-fit” the screws ( pay attention to the angle of the screws vs the holes) prior putting the side panels and shoulder airbags. Both air tubes for the side panels came with (male)plastic air fittings, so it is necessary to remove it in order to secure to the air supply tubings.Pro. It is well built with good warranty. It has full body massage functionalities.Con. The height of the rollers cannot be adjusted when they are going up and down. It’s not comfortable when rolling up and down the spine. May be getting used to it after a while, but an extra padding can help on the issue for now. The shoulder airbags may not work well for small or short bodies. The remote display is too small to read. There is no memory settings, not sure if it’s available on other models.There is not an area to input the serial # when registering online. ( just input the barcode to the same box with the model #) 

    9. 5 out of 5


      Works great

      Shipping took a little longer than expected. Friendly delivery guy though. & as other reviews stated: the remote needs to be lit or have some type of illumination. 4.5 out 5. I’m a bigger guy and I have no issues. I did have to put extra padding for my lower back, but others that have tried it say there was no issue. Thanks

    10. 5 out of 5

      The Introvert MillionaireThe Introvert Millionaire

      This chair is the REAl DEAL…

      I run a fairly stressful business so I needed something to relieve my stress on a daily basis at the end of my day. I bought this chair based on how many people said it was “to intense”. That’s exactly what I was looking for. I’m a bigger guy so I love having my knots dug into extremely hard. But, let me tell you, it can really squeeze and dig into all the right areas if you want it to. It has intensity levels you can adjust. I love it full INTENSITY! It takes some practice with the remote to find the settings you enjoy the most. Like I said I use this EVERYDAY. The chair is quality and works well. I have fallen asleep multiple times while this thing is working me over. It’s been a great investment into my health and well being. 

    11. 5 out of 5

      Gilles S.

      satisfied customer

      Bought this chair in November 2015 and we love it especially my wife who loves the yoga setting , and uses it daily. I use many times a day mainly for the foot massage, which does the bottoms of the feet nicely. I did initially find it hard on the feet so I used wool socks to lessen thethe foot discomfort while I got used to it, also i’m 6.1 and found that the bottom piece of the foot massager is adjustable for taller people although I don’t know what the recommended height for this chair is .Recently I moved the chair and bumped the remote plug in, which broke it and after contacting customer service they immediately sent me a replacement remote which fixed the problem. Customer service was fast and efficient. The free shipping to n. Dakota was included with the tracking number so we new exactly when the chair would arrive.I definitely will buy from this company again 

    12. 5 out of 5

      A & J

      First review…so I figured id be detailed.

      So up front I gave it 5 stars but as shipped I would only give it a 4.5. I had to to a small adjustment to make it better for me.I did a lot of research on Zero gravity chairs mainly because I didn’t want to spend a fortune but at the same time I was going to if it meant I got everything I wanted. So with this chair I was taking a risk because the cheaper price made me fear that quality. I am glad I did so far (mind you I only had this a few days so I cannot speak on longevity).So with all the research I did I will list my pro’s and cons. I will also try to answer any questions I can over the next few days as I check this.Pro’sPrice. You will NOT find a chair that has every new total package option.Options. This chair has rollers on the feet and calf. Shoulder airbags (not standard), arms, legs. It also has heat, vibrating but pad, and a twist and stretch options. THE MAIN option is that is has the new-age L-track. So just like the one in brook stone for 3000 $more, this one will massage all the way to your butt. Not just to the bottom of your back, to your butt! It also has this cool Yoga setting that will do a 30 minute massage that mixes massage with a stretch. The stretch is very noticeable, like you are bending your back over one of those gym balls.Real Zero gravity. I bring this up because you see on the picture that shes basically just recling back. I am not sure why Kahuna decided that was a good picture because the chair actually has two more zero gravity levels after that one. The final setting leans you fair back with your feet about 4-6 inches above your heart. Its legit zero gravity position.So the actual massage is above average, but not amazing. I want to be honest here because it’s a 1500 dollar chair. I would say 90% of the massage feels amazing. Sometimes the rollers just hit me wrong and it doesn’t hurt per say but I wouldn’t want it to stay there for long. I am still messing with the settings thou. I normally only feel this during the deep massage option. I believe this is only because the fabric near the rollers is a tad on the thin side. If they just added a tiny bit more padding it would make this massage perfect. The other massage options I have no issue, just sometimes the deep tissue.Structure is a pro and con. The base of this chair is a mix of plastic and steel. The plastic portion looks a little cheap but its sturdy. The steel portions will clearly support the wieght (I am 220 pounds, 6’4′ and have no issues). The leg/feet holder does adjust about 5 inches so its comfortable. I would say thou anything after 6’4” is pushing it. Everything once I got it all in place fit well and snug. I see this chair lasting awhile if it’s taken care of and not treated as a toy.Ok my CONS:Installation. While it should of been easy because there are really only a few minor steps, the screw holes did not line up. This is because at whatever factory it was made you can tell that the machine used to cut it was out of whack or something. This was only for the side walls. The shoulder pieces went in like a glove and only took me 5 minutes to install both. The arms on the other hand had two issues that can be fixed really easy. There are two steel rods you have to slide them on and on one of the arms the holes weren’t big enough. It was cut wrong and could tell me the jagged line. I had to shave a very tiny portion of the plastic down to get it to slip on. Im talking like 1mm..nothing more. The other part was the 4 screw holes. They are suppose to be lined up like two full moons, but instead I got the whole half moon thing and couldn’t fit the screw in. So I had to shave that down as well. Soon as I did it fit perfect and was very sturdy. This shouldnt happen and if you aren’t good with basic tools I would beware or have a friend help you set it up.Second CON and almost a deal breaker for me was the feet rollers. THEY HURT ALOT. Even with socks on they hurt. Its not because they are different from any other rollers on the market…they do the samething. They hurt because the fabric between your feet and the rollers is just super thin. This also was an easy fix because I just took some padded fabric and some velcro (type with an adhesive side and a velcro side) and placed it where my feet go. So now it is much softer and gives a great massage instead of feeling like rocks going into my feet.So with that said, A small 4 dollar peice of velcro and padded fabric, and a basic file and small drill bit is all I needed to make this chair beyond perfect for the price. Its comfortable now and has more options then it should have at $1500. The chair feels great and if you are starting to get minor aches and pains from work…this will make you feel good:) I’m a police officer so wearing a vest all the time starts to wear on ya. This chair is already helping a ton.I would buy it again and recommend it to all my friends.Hope this helps.

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    13. 5 out of 5

      Matt H

      Just awesome!!

      Chair arrived on time and in good condition. Package fit perfectly through the door with no issues. We put this upstairs and surprisingly wasn’t that difficult to get up there. It took about 30 min to put all the pieces together so not hard at all. We love the look of the chair once we got it all together (looks just as advertised). We have been using it for about 3 weeks now and have had no issues. Everything works great only issue is timer is only set for 15 min (can’t seem to change it) but it is not a deal breaker for me. Also the feet rollers as some have mentioned are a bit rough. However as some have noted adding a little foam reduces the pressure. For the price you can’t beat everything you get with this chair (L-track, 3 zero-g settings, heat, stretching + more). My wife loves the yoga stretching programs. The remote is simple to use. I would definitely recommend this chair to others.Pros:PriceQuietOptionsCons:So far none.

      27 people found this helpful

    14. 4 out of 5

      Matt Duke

      Wonderful device, rough on the feet

      We have been looking for a limited space massage chair for some time and as this was on sale we decided to take the plunge. We are extremely happy with it. It is very economical on space but does everything it promises. A few things to note. It is heavy so it may take two of you to put it together. The instructions are not very helpful, better to go to the video on YouTube and you can put this together in less than 10 minutes. Only issue is as others have said. The foot massage is brutal and we like a strong foot massage. Place a small hand towel on the fabric and that should be enough to go from pain to pleasure (this is why we made it 4 stars, not 5). Also, if you are very tall or very wide this chair isn’t for you. We are both under 6ft. All in all, we are very happy. Let’s hope it doesn’t break down because after the 1st year of their warranty you need to ship it to them to repair! 

    15. 5 out of 5

      Emma Kumakura

      The Chair is lovely, the delivery process…not so much

      Ok, so the chair is great. My problem was delivery……but was not too bad honestlyHere is the issue I had.1. It wasn’t until I wrote in via email to check in if the chair was still coming when planned (via the date on amazon). I did get a reply pretty quickly and a call. That was great. This was on a Monday. She called to check what my availability would be through the week. I am WIDE open to getting this chair.2. I had not gotten a call to actually schedule the delivery. I called on Wednesday. The lady checked my address and phone number and we set it for Thursday. Cool. No problem. I was told I would get a call 1 hour before arrival.3. The delivery guys come. They did not know that they had to assemble the chair (I paid $300 extra for this service)…..4. The delivery guys were very nice and handled the chair gently. They were just not prepared to set it up…..they seemed to not have the tools immediately available…or the right tools. They did it though, so good on them.Definitely not the worst experience, but for the cost of the chair and extra cost for set up, I would have thought people would be more put together in communication. These poor delivery guys were not set up to really be able to do their job.

    16. 5 out of 5


      Great chair

      My husband bought this chair for me as a birthday gift and is amazing. It took about 30 mins to put it together just have to put arms and shoulder airbags on. As others have said the foot rollers are strong so I used the cushion that came with the packaging to pad the foot rest area and it made it perfect. All you have to do is unzip the foot rest area and put the the cushion in. The airbags on the shoulder, hands and Calves give a strong squeeze if you are sensitive it maybe too much for you but I personally like it. you can adjust the intensity if you would like. I’m in love with the manual setting because it allows you to target areas you want to massage. I have a stressful job in law enforcement and caring for 4 year old and 2 year old boys this chair give me the much mneeded relaxation that I need at the end of the day. The only cons to this chair is that it only give a 15 min massage and that foot rollers are so intense. Overall a great chair for the price.

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    17. 5 out of 5

      PI CORP

      Good chair

      We liked the chair. Registered warranty at the time of purchase. After 3 years lower part stop working and there is no contact or any information about how to get service or parts. Purchased from good price world. Please help to find dealer or contact info to get it serviced. Thank you

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    18. 5 out of 5

      Roy K

      I’m glad I chose this chair

      It came fully assembled. Options for customizing a massage for your needs or choosing from a number of programmed massages. Massage can be aggressive on hip bones so we use a blanket as a pad which is better than having a weak massager. The manual is poorly written and needs to be proofread for clarity. Some directions at EDC unintelligible. Customer service was top shelf. First chair delivered had a faulty hard-wired remote so they replaced the whole chair. Voice command is very convenient to make changes without having to move and disrupt the massage underway.

    19. 5 out of 5


      I’m in Heaven!

      We absolutely love this chair. I done a lot of research, and decided that this was the best purchase for our budget. It wasn’t that hard for my husband to put together and it only took him apx 30 mins. We did open it outside and carry in the pieces to our room for set up. The main part of the base is fairly heavy, but if you tip it up to an almost vertical position, it rolled right through the house like it was nothing.I’m 5’4″ with very long legs, a short body, and I’m a little on the fluffy side. I have fibromyalgia, and RA. I was a little nervous to use it since there are so many “pressure points” that cause tremendous pain off an on all day long. It took a little time to get used to the pressure, as there were certain areas where it really hurt. I knew this would be the case though, as just receiving a massage at a spa hurts. I used small pieces of foam we had laying around the house to “cushion” those areas (low back, feet) for the first couple of weeks. Like many reviews, I’d have to agree that the foot massage was a little harsh, but, that was only for the first few uses. Now, since using it regularly my trouble spots are used to it. I use it with bare feet and no extra padding at all and find myself wishing I could adjust it to massage a little harder. I even throw the head/back pillow over the back of the chair so I get the full force of the massage. How amazing is that! Having long legs, I love that the foot section adjusts with a little push of my feet. I have to extend it to it’s fullest. I use it every night before I go to bed and am feeling much better over all. It’s not a cure all, but it is definitely helping in how I feel as a whole. My hubs is 6′ and with a stocky build. He has a bad ankle so the air pressure even on the lightest setting is a little too much for him, so he will use it minus the air. He likes it, but not as much as I do.I like that there is a warning beep before prior to shutting off. It gives you the opportunity to hit the manual button, then the auto button and it resets the timer allowing me to continue receiving a massage. You do need to put it back to your desired setting, but at least it doesn’t shut off making you start completely over. A definite plus. I usually do a series of 4-5 different modes in 1 sitting, so get an hour to hour and 15 minute massage.The only problem I have with it is, I’m not sure the scanner always works but my husband found a way to somewhat fix this. Sometimes it will go to the top of my head, above my ears, and that’s not comfortable when it’s doing the kneading or tapping features. He found that when the scanning stops, if you push manual, then auto right away, it will redo the scan. Sometimes I have to do this more than once, but in doing so, it will actually end up stopping at the base of my head, which I prefer. Then I can set it to my preferred mode. The only other option I’d love to see in this chair would be if you could actually turn off the compressor during one of the pre-programmed modes, since due to my health issues I can get a spasm in my feet or legs, and being able to turn the air off them would be great. I am aware that I could just use the manual settings, but you don’t get the same movements as in a pre-programmed modes.UPDATE ON THE SCANNER; If you sit forward while it starts to go down, and then sit back once it’s near your hip area, it will stop at your neck every time. No need to keep trying to push the buttons. 😉 Still loving this chair and sleeping like a baby.If you are considering this chair, I would say get it, you definitely won’t be disappointed.

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    20. 4 out of 5

      Margaret G Cline

      Really good deal but the shipping process is a deal breaker.

      Wonderful deal, but the shipping process is a dealbreaker.The chair is awesome, really does the trick. It’s easy to assemble, works well, fits me perfectly. Noticeable results and improvements in my posture after every use. Love the foot, the calf, shoulder airbags, and the awesome roller. The programs are clever and really do mimic a hands-on massage.That being said I would never order this through Amazon because they don’t use their delivery service, they use a 3rd party delivery service. Mine was AIT which in no way shape or form were able to deliver this chair properly. Driver show up in a ratty old truck and first thing is he can’t make it up the driveway (total nonsense as no delivery driver, fire truck, 36 ton forestry truck) ever had that problem. First thing he says is it’s too big for him to deliver, and he was right. The 230 lb. box was twice as big as him and even a big man would not be able to handle it himself, so let’s send it back was his immediate solution. I was irritated, but in retrospect I can’t blame him, as that was an injury just waiting to happen. So glad I did not go the white glove route as that would never have happened. Their main goal is to make their delivery problems the customer’s delivery problem, and I would not have trusted them to put this nice chair together properly. If you do order, have a truck and people ready to help you, or you may not get your chair. Also, Amazon and AIT don’t communicate and Amazon had me at home 2 days waiting on a delivery that could not happen as AIT did not have the package. AIT tracking site is primitive basic and does not give details or location of your item. Their delivery times as well were inaccurate. Will take 2-3 weeks for delivery. Driver did let me unbox the item and helped me load the chair base, 170 lbs or so, into my Santa fe. So yeah..Awesome product, but a dealbreaker delivery service.

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    21. 4 out of 5


      Feels great!

      Love the massage rollers – especially the foot rollers. The heat is great. The airbags are too harsh. Even on the lightest setting, it felt as though they were cutting off my circulation and can honestly make you feel a bit panicked and “stuck”. The zero gravity positions are amazing. The biggest disappointment for me was the shipping. The original shipping company did not regularly update the manifest. Thankfully Amazon kept me better updated. The shipment experienced a “carrier delay” two days prior to scheduled delivery date. When I called Pilot’s customer service about it three days later, they had no answers to my questions. Then out of the blue, the delivery date changed to a week later! At least the manifest was finally updated. When it arrived to the local delivery warehouse, I was told it would be another 5 days until it was delivered to my home!! We ultimately drove to the warehouse and picked it up ourselves. Disappointed in the experience – especially after spending so much money. 

    22. 5 out of 5

      H. Hardman

      Awesome chair.

      We have really loved this chair. We are still discovering new settings and combinations of settings that have enhanced our use of it. I use it every day. My 6’ son and 6’2” son feel it is a bit short, like other reviews stated, but the are still able to enjoy it. This chair is an exceptional value and I would recommend it to everyone! Online videos were critical for the assembly as a couple of the air hoses had incorrect parts applied. Luckily the video helped me figure it out and it was useable within an hour or so.I have only had one bad headache since getting this chair 5 months ago and needed no chiropractor visits or massages. Before getting it I had frequent headaches and spent a ton of $ on physical therapy, chiro, and massage. I figure it will pay for itself in about a year.

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    23. 5 out of 5

      Momma Mo

      Feels so good!

      I bought this for my husband for his birthday last month! Luckily he is a good sharer. We each take a turn in the evening! I did a lot of research and reviews ahead of time. Since it was for my husband with board shoulders, I did not want to spend a fortune, I wanted a chair take did not take up too much space, and had heating so it is a great make for our needs. I will say my review fits many I read. In some not all programs the foot massager too hard! Also, sometimes the heat is too hot on my calves. Also, lighted remote would be nice. I noticed there is a new model offered. It would be worth checking it out. Also, I would highly recommend the extra $200 and white glove delivery if you have a tricky entrance, are older, have any back issues, or need to move it alone. Big, heavy box! Relax and enjoy your Kahuana!One last thing, if you are a petite person this chair might not hit you in the right spots.

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    24. 5 out of 5


      Great Deal on the Kahuna LM6800

      The moment we told friends that we got a massage chair they immediately figured we spent way more then we did. After setting the Kahuna LM6800 up the first thing you see is how little space it uses especially when not in use. The next thing you will see is how many settings there are to choose from. You can always find a setting for you. The chair look very premium and feels premium as well. I would purchase it again in a heart beat.If I am looking for something bad to say it would be if you let the program timer run out the chair resets and sits you back up. This just interrupts my relaxation =-). Also there is no hamstring massage area but more expensive chairs do have this just something I noticed that was missing that I would have liked.At the time of review the chair is about 1 month old and used 2 to 3 times daily by our family.

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    25. 5 out of 5

      Jason Edwards

      Great massage chair and money well spent.

      My family and I were walking around the mall and ended up in a store that sells these. I saw a chair like this and the price of $3999. I couldn’t believe my eyes. What can a chair possibly do to be worth that? Then I sat in it. I was hooked and had to have one. The price sent me in search of an alternative. In comes trusty Amazon. I saw this chair and read all of the reviews. I wanted to be sure this was an equivalent chair. It’s not apples to apples, but this chair seems to be every bit as relaxing as the one I used in the store.I have stenosis in my lower back and this chair actually helps the pain that I feel all day every day. I will agree with other reviewers that the foot massager is a bit rough, even with two layers of the shipping foam being added on top of it. However, other than that, this chair is awesome! It massages strong enough to make me grunt and actually pop my back. The more you lower the back of the chair, the stronger the rub. I love it. My family loves it. Money well spent. This was my birthday present to myself and it has really helped how I feel.It is heavy to move into the house and it does require some assembly. I think it was 10 screws total, not that bad.The only negative I see is that the design of the arm position allows your arms to move out of the recessed area. I have to pay attention to that and push my arms back into the recess constantly. Honestly, though, I wanted it for massaging my back. It does that like a group of massage therapists at one time. I can fall asleep while resting in this chair and for that, I am truly thankful. 

    26. 5 out of 5

      Robert D. Spessard

      Why did I wait so long to purchase my Kahuna Massage Chair? I didn’t realize what I’e been missing!

      The Kahuna Massage Chair is something that I should have purchased a long time ago. I bought this chair for myself & My Wife to help relieve sore muscles & other aches & pains that are a part of todays lifestyle. Well, the only problem I have with the chair is not always being able to get in it, because everybody that has tried it absolutely loves it and don’t want to get out of it so I can use it. The first time I used the chair I felt so relaxed that I couldn’t hardly believe it. The next time I actually fell asleep in the chair after it had turned itself off at the end of the massage cycle. This chair massages you from head to toe, & the heated feature really feels great! It is very well built & was really easy to assemble the arms & side air bags, ( everything else already comes pre-assembled. I was able to get the chair through a 28 1/2″ door opening & only had to remove the door itself. If it had come completely assembled with the arms & side air bags already installed it would not fit through my 28 1/2 ” door. The only negative thing is what several other people had mentioned about the foot rollers being pretty harsh on your feet, but this is easily solved by folding a small towel & placing it on top of the foot rollers & this takes the harshness away. I’ve only had it for almost a month & I Love My Kahuna Massage Chair! I give it 5 stars! This massage chair will do more than many chairs that are more than double the price! I think it is well worth the price. You can’t go wrong with the Kahuna Massage Chair! Now, If it were only vacant more often that would be nice, because it’s always being used! I would definitely recommend the Kahuna Massage chair to a friend! 

    27. 3 out of 5

      Nancy Stricker

      Try it in person first

      I give this product mixed reviews for several reasons. It has lots of good features for the price. But it bruises your calves even on the lowest intensity setting and the delivery of the item was a nightmare. Plus,the assembly is not so easy, apparently, because I paid for white glove delivery and it was still not put together right. I had three no show deliveries after taking off work to meet the people. Then I get a call at work on a day they were suppose to come 7 hours later, telling me that if I am not there for the delivery within 30 minutes that the chair will be sent back to the manufacturer and not delivered. So I have to take emergency leave from work to let in two drivers in who tell me they have never put together this chair before and who are trying ten different things to get it to work. I was also half afraid they were going to rob me. They were not clean cut or knowledgable at all. They were also in a hurry and slamming things around. Then after all that, parts of the chair did not work right. So I said I wanted to return it. I was told by Good Price World that I would have to prove that the chair was defective and then pay a 20% restocking fee and pay return shipping. So I hired someone to document that it was not working and this person actually knew how to assemble it and got it working. If I had it to do over again, I would go with a chair with neck support and less calf squeezing. I would also buy it from someone with better delivery and returns. But the chair itself does have good air bag squeezing and rolling and more features than some chairs in this price range. Just buy it elsewhere and go try it in person first. Also, this chair was designed for skinny Japanese people. If you are heavyset, I’d keep looking. It is not as roomy as many other models. But again, lots of rolling and squeezing for the price.It also leans you back to the zero G positiona dn some chairs don’t. So it is a mixture of good and bad. 

    28. 5 out of 5

      Elizabet N.

      Excellent massage chair!

      After doing a lot of research about many different massage chairs in the market, we decided to buy the Kahuna chair and it was the best decision that we could ever make. The chair came assembled, so we just needed to follow a few steps to complete the installation. The chair offers different massage options. It also offers manual and automatic settings. The yoga setting is really good. Our family of 4 uses it daily and we all have our different preferred settings. The manual is very helpful as it provides a quick step by step as to how to use the different remote control buttons. Overall, we are all very happy with the purchase and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great massage chair.

    29. 5 out of 5

      Annette Bernard

      … chair for about 6 months now and have really enjoyed using this Kahuna massage chair

      We have had this massage chair for about 6 months now and have really enjoyed using this Kahuna massage chair. It is very relaxing and works the tension and sore muscles well. We have found the remote control to be quite easy to understand. There are several options to choose from. The options on the left hand side are more individual settings, such as roll where it will roll up and down your spine, a shiatsu, a shiatsu and roll and a tapping mode. You can also select on the left side an option to focus in one area of your back, such as the upper, the middle or the lower back that includes the buttocks. You can also choose an option on the left if you want the massage rollers to stay in one section or spot on your back for a longer period of time. The options on the right have already been pre program so all you need to do is sit back and the massage chair will complete a massage in the certain orders of which it was pre-programmed. You have several pre programs, of which will give you different focus areas on your back with different settings such as kneading rolling shiatsu and tapping, along with the air compression on your lower legs, feet, arms and shoulder areas. There is also a yoga setting that stretches and has the chair legs and back area go in different directions as it stretches and massages your back. The yoga pre-programmed option is very relaxing. The chair is comfortable to sit in and when you turned it on it begins to recline back just a little. Then there is an option for you to have it continue to recline further back. There is also a heat button that is nice to use during the winter months. In my experience each massage cycle is programmed to last only 15 minutes. Unfortunately I have not found a way to increase the time on any one individual cycle. However, we have found that when you hear the beeping sound towards the end of the 15 minute cycle, it is indicating that the massage chair will end it’s massage, but if you select one of the options on the right hand side, (the pre-programmed ones), you can bypass it turning off the beeping sound and continue with one of the pre programs for another 15 minutes. I just wish there was a way to increase the time to 30 minutes, instead of having to change up the massage when the beeping sounds come on. Many reviews noted that the foot rollers hurt their feet. For us, we found the foot rollers and air compression really helps relieve the sore and tired muscles and renews circulation in the feet. The foot rollers are one of the best features. Another great feature is the L- track design that reaches past your upper thighs. The chair delivery arrived at the specified date and time frame of which I was able to choose when I ordered. This was very helpful and arrived right on time and the delivery person even called 20 minutes prior to let us know he was on his way. The installation instructions online and in the booklet were helpful and the customer service number is awesome, you actually talk to a live person that will answer any questions you have and even helped us with some of the assembly questions. Overall this is a very solid massage chair at a great affordable price.

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    30. 5 out of 5

      Jerry E Bartram


      HOW I MADE A 1-STAR CHAIR INTO A 5-STAR CHAIRThe purpose of this review is to help senior citizens understand what they are getting into when the want to buy any Massage Chair.I purchased a Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Message Chair Recliner LM6800 on November 3, 2019 and have gone from “Why in the world did I buy this monster to Boy am I glad I have this chair.A few words to set the context. I have gone from a young man who played flag football and unloaded freight cars loaded with 100lb bags to earn my way through college to a weak, wimpy, out of shape CPA who sits most of the time. I have most of the old age medical issues, diabetes, heart, and lung problems. I no longer can lift heavy things and get exhausted quickly.I never have paid a person to assemble anything I purchased in my life until now. So here we go.WARNINGS:• Do not attempt to put this thing together by yourself it just plain weights too much. Purchase the “Professional Assembly from Amazon (separate item you have to click on to purchase). Do this at the time you purchase the chair because then you can get an appointment established. If you wait until the chair is delivered to make an appointment you will be a week or more with this monster in the middle of your room.• Make a space with 2’ to 3’ all the way around the chair where the delivery people can put it when it is delivered. It arrives the size of a small casket. THE DELIVERY PEOPLE WILL JUST PUT IT WHERE YOU TELL THEM TO BUT WILL DO NOTHING ELSE.• When my assembly company called to set up an appointment, I asked about moving the chair and they said any move would cost at least an additional $145 or more. Make sure where you have the shipping company put it you can assemble it right there.• If you purchase this chair, make sure to purchase “SuperSliders” from Amazon. They will tell you the chair comes with rollers on the back of the chair to help you move it. What they don’t tell you that you must have a crane to lift the chair up and it does not move in carpet. My two gorillas assembling the chair thought I was crazy until they tried to move it a few feet. They stopped, but the four large SuperSliders under the frame of the chair and easily moved it into place. If you fail to do this, I hope you have a tribe of older grandchildren living with you to move your chair.This is how I made this chair work for an out of shape wimp. Hopeful it will keep you from have a sore body for weeks.• I tried the four AUTO settings and each on inflected a slightly different set of pain. The third AUTO setting seems to be the least painful.• The chair is incredibly sturdy, so don’t think you can move your body to escape the pain it can inflict on your out of shape body.• I had a sheet of 1.5” to 2” heavy foam laying around. I notice if you flip the large back and seat cushion over that there is a slot the length of the back and about 3” to 6” wide. I cut a piece of foam to fit in this slot, took my “picker upper” tool, grabbed the end and slide it into this slot.• This made it livable but still hard on my out of shape body. I also had a large seat cushion that I had used in my truck. I took this and put it so my back would be next to the cushion. Then I had a memory foam seat cushion that I put to sit on and eureka it turned in an comfortable seat and back massage chair.• The foot rollers will kill your feet. I again took a piece of the foam and put it in the slot where your feet go and then added on old pair of shoe inserts on top of this and that solved the rollers on the feet problem.What I Have Not Been Able to Solve:• Most of the 1-Star complaints has to do with the Air Massage on the legs. The closest I can describe this feature is to pay to have a truck roll over your leg. Having an overzealous nurse take you blood pressure buy pumping it until she runs off the scale, pales in comparison to the pressure this chair puts on your calf I have looked for a way to clamp of the pressure line to limit the pressure to no avail. There is an Intensity Level which is like having a golf cart vs. a truck run over you. I use the lowest intensity, but it does not help much.• I purchased the chair to help keep my feet attached to my leg as I get older, so I have learned to just grin and bear it. I know I can’t increase the circulation in my leg without this feature. If you don’t face this problem just don’t put your feet into the slot and put them on the outside of the chair. This is what my wife does• I tried the Special Yoga setting for about three seconds and realized I was volunteering to enter a mid-evil torture chamber where they stretch you on the rack. No thanks, maybe someday.General Observations:• It really is a wonderful made chair but the control of the pressure stinks.• I found when I could sit in the chair in the reclined position when it was off, and it was comfortable I had the correct amount of padding.• All the item I mentioned above I had in my “junk”, so it did not cost me any additional money, just sore back while trying to figure it out.Don’t pass on this chair. Don’t let me scare you it is a great bargain for the price and it is solid. HAPPY MASSAGINGUPDATE ON 12-23-2019 From the wimpy CPA.I can not say I have removed all the padding except the padding on my spine and I can do all 4 “AUTO” settings. I have learned to endure the pressure bags and my body is conditioned to the chair. I am glad I did not give up on it and sent in back. 

    31. 4 out of 5


      Mixed feelings

      Pros: The L-shaped massage is great. It looks really nice. Rolls forward when it’s reclining so it doesn’t have to be so far away from the wall, which is awesome since it’s so big. There’s a nice little pouch for the remote inside one of the armholes. I read several reviews complaining about the smell, but just like anything new-for example a car-it does have a new product smell. I don’t notice it when I’m sitting in the chair or when I’m walking past the room where the chair sits-I only noticed it when I’m consciously thinking about if it has a smell or not, and I’m very sensitive to smells, especially chemical ones. I think the price was a pro as well. The many functions are also a pro… the chiro mode is surprisingly effective. Cons: Although the remote has the capacity to illustrate up to 30 minutes, this chair has a maximum runtime of 15 minutes. And after the 15 minutes you can’t simply add another 15, you have to turn off the chair which resets the position of the chair to upright. Also, there’s a beep one minute before your 15 minute cycle is over as well as when the 15 minutes are done. So you’re laying there all comfortable and relaxed and this horrible shriek beep goes off and jolts you went to consciousness, and then you think I’d like to have another go around. But first you have to turn the chair off sit all the way back up, then turn it back on again and lay back before starting your additional massage . I read lots of reviews of people saying the foot rollers are too hard-which I wasn’t concerned about because my feet are not sensitive at all. However the foot massage is quite intense for everyone that sat in the chair except me, and even I find that I can’t have the chair rollers on daily , have to wait a day in between. The nice thing is you can always turn off the foot rollers during any function on the chair. Sometimes the heat function feels like my calf may burst into flames-but only on one side. Not for short people. I’m 5’1″, and read reviews prior to purchasing the chair to make sure it would fit my small stature- which other reviewer’s indicated it would. However the shoulder airbags barely grazd the top of my shoulders which is important during some of the functions, meaning they don’t work at all or they don’t work as well because I’m not able to be squeezed between the shoulder airbags.I looked at many models online and in local stores, and I’m overall happy with this purchase. There are just several things I wish I would have known prior to purchasing this chair. I hope this helps you before your purchase! 

    32. 5 out of 5

      Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

      So far so good.

      We ordered the chair on Jan 11, arrived Jan 14 (we live in the Bay Area). We couldn’t make it home in time for the delivery, but the driver was able to contact our neighbor (whom called us to confirm), it was placed in our neighbor’s garage until we got home. It was a BIG box! We assembled the chair in about an hour. You’ll need two person because it is quite heavy and bulky.We have used a few other chairs, particularly Brookstone Renew, and Human Touch Acutouch 6.0. We like this chair more than Renew, and a lot more than Acutouch. The L-track back and buttock massage is about the same as Renew, and so does the arm/hand massage. This chair’s shoulder massage is superb. The foot massage is strong, so we added some padding (padding material is from the chair’s packaging box itself, just unzip the liner and insert the padding – see picture) and it’s now perfect for our comfort. I think all these chair are very specific to the person’s weight/height, and this chair is perfect for 5’2″ to 6’2″.Out of the 6, not 4, auto programs (we found the description in the manual – see picture: Yoga, SV-Chiro, Deep Tissue, Stretching, Relax, Rejuvenate), we like the Yoga program the most, then Stretching. We also use Speed, Airbags intensity, Zero-G, and/or Heating settings at times.Another consideration that’s a must for us is the space needed behind the chair. This chair takes less than 4″ from wall (and in our case, candies machine also! – see picture).Between the two of us, we’ve run about 50 programs in total for these past few days. And we like this chair more and more.

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    33. 4 out of 5


      Great value for the dollar

      We owned this chair for about a month now and every family member likes it. It took us about one hour to assemble the chair but it was easy. Build quality is not the best but acceptable for the price. The massage quality is very good but the auto programs are confusing. It will be nice if manufacture can explain the focus or the purpose of the 4 auo programs. I use the manual function most of the time to focus on particular body part needs to be worked on. I do not feel any difference between the different roller strength setting but it provides adequate pressure. The yoga program is awesome. It really stretches your body. I feel really relaxing after a 30 minute combined yoga and manual session. The foot roller and calf air bag can be harsh some times even with the lowest pressure setting. Keep in mind the warranty is 3 years but only the first year is on site service. Overall, I recommend this chair if it falls into your price range. You can find a better chair definitely but it will be hard with this price. 

    34. 5 out of 5


      I do not recall what they are but are easily top tier devices since the company pays for it

      At my work they have a few expensive model chairs, I do not recall what they are but are easily top tier devices since the company pays for it. I got tired of always going to the room where they have it to only find that they are taken. I had some spare change left over and I did not want to spend 8k+ on a chair. I saw this chair, an Amazon prime chair with positive reviews, so I bit the bullet and bought it. It came literally 2 days after I purchased it and It took me about 15 minutes to set up. It consisted of screwing in the shoulder rests and side arm parts. This was the easy part, the hard part was disposing of the packing materials and the shipping box. I jumped into it once it was set up and I did the Auto mode and was very satisfied with the chair. It was definitely not the same as the office chairs, missing a few airbags locations and the roller did not have as intricate patterns, but it was very comparable. At the price point of view this chair performs greater than the cost and I am very happy with it.Pro: Cost, Strong Air bags when they are singled out, very comfortable chair, smaller than most chairs, Can be put really close to the wall, foot rollers are strong (many complain that it is too strong, but I always found most chairs are really weak and this one was cable of working my toes, It does come with pads for the weak)Con: Biggest and only con, is that there is only 15 minute sessions. Some sources online say the Yoga mode has 30 minute timer, but that is not true. Every time at the 14 minute mark the chair beeps letting you know it is almost over, and at the 15 minute mark, you will need to completely reset the sitting position and all your settings to be able to do another session. It was misleading that the chair has a timer up to 30 on the remote, but this might be due to multiple chair models which might use this remote. I plan to open the remote to take out or glue the module which produces the beep, as it’s ugly and loud. The only other con I can think of is that my arms sometimes slip out of the arm airbag location because the shoulder bags push them out. I find I need to sit in a certain position for them to not slip out, but sometimes you just relax too much and they naturally slip out. 

    35. 5 out of 5

      Kenneth Leung

      Had several other massage chairs in the past but this one is definitely the best bang for the buck

      For the price, this chair has it all! shoulder, arms, legs (compression) feet roller, back and BUTT massages. Had several other massage chairs in the past but this one is definitely the best bang for the buck. The different level of zero gravity settings makes it extremely comfortable. With the heating function on at the lowest zero G setting it feels like you are getting hugged and will put you to sleep!Pros:- Great value for cost- BUTT massage- Strength and variety of massage settings- true zero G positioning- Easy to move once assembledCons:- Difficult to assemble alone- Controller cord did not seem part of the initial design and may sometimes get caught between the two sides- Feet rollers too strong (either turn off or use a cloth over it)- Once in auto massage mode can’t change position of rollers (sometimes focuses on the butt too much)These listed cons are very minor things that I had to think hard to list, can easily overcome the listed cons.After a month of using it DAILY numerous times a day it still works great, definitely worth the price and will recommend to others.

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    36. 5 out of 5

      H. Netherton

      Fabulous massager!

      My boyfriend has a Master’s Degree in Engineering. It was a challenge for him to assemble. I would have been lost trying to assemble it by myself. I read many reviews & narrowed it down to what I wanted. I have cervical stenosis so I wanted a chair that would massage my neck and I wanted one to stretch & massage my back which this does. I wanted a space saver which this chair is although it is still a large chair. I’m petite so the pressure on the legs & arms is too intense for me so I allow the squeezing only briefly. My boyfriend who weighs over 200 lbs loves it! It is wonderful for massaging the back! I am disappointed that I can barely feel the heat. I hope this lasts a long time. I’ve had it for a couple months with out any problems. I would not want grandchildren playing with this as I’m concerned they could break it some how. 

    37. 5 out of 5

      Tim V

      A great chair if you are shorter than 5′ 7″

      My wife loves the chair especially for the Yoga Stretching. Unfortunately, I am 5′ 10″ and the chair is not able to stretch me because the legs are simply a spring loaded extension. A rather large oversight by the company or perhaps they are not concerned with selling a product that works for most American men. So if you are taller than 5′ 7″ I would recommend finding a different chair if the Yoga Stretching is high on your reasons to buy a massage chair.

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    38. 3 out of 5

      Donald Koch

      Noisy but good relief!

      I would have given this chair a 5 star review but during a massage it makes a annoying clicking noise that the seller Good Price World tells me is normal which I’m skeptical about. But the chair does everything I expected it to do which is relief for my nagging back pains.

    39. 4 out of 5

      D. Lahue

      Good value for the price

      I researched home massage chairs endlessly and purchased this one a couple of months ago. We’re very pleased with the purchase and use it on a daily basis. My husband and I were able to figure out how to assemble it ourselves. He’s blind and assembly isn’t in my wheelhouse, so it isn’t terribly hard.We had an issue with the shoulder bags not inflating but I came on here and got lots of help and miraculously, they just started working on their own.

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    40. 5 out of 5

      Amazon Customer

      Great Chair

      I love this chair. If I were to give it a little bit of a knock, it would be the rollers on the feet. They feel good, but can also be a little painful I think there is a way to shut it off, if I want to do a back to back, but haven’t figured it out yet. But then again, I haven’t spent much time trying….I would most certainly recommend this chair and their customer service is AMAZING! Had a little issue and they couldn’t have been any better and trust me, I am highly critical when it comes to customer service, as I am in sales and hold everyone to my standard. Lastly assembly is a piece of cake. Very very simple…

    41. 5 out of 5

      Dino Vitale

      A month in and I love it.

      I’ve had my chair for a month now and feel like it’s probably safe to write a review. I feel like this is the best chair I could hope for with a $2000 price tag, all in. I love the 3 settings for reclining, as I can watch TV in the first position comfortably. It was surprisingly easy to put together and works very well. The only problems I have with this chair is that the foot massage can be rather rough. It can be turned off, but I found that it feels good if I wear wool socks. The biggest problem for me is that the manual is written by an obvious nonnative English speaker and so the translations can get tricky. I’m still having a little trouble figuring out everything on the remote, but I’m not good at figuring things like that out, so it may be a case of ignorance on my part. The final 2 issues I have is that I bought this because I have neck problems and the neck massage is not deep enough for my tastes. I did a lot of research and I don’t think there are any other chairs that do a better job, so I just take what I can get and it’s still pretty good. It would be nice if the heat worked higher on the chair to relax my neck and shoulders, but again this is not a feature I found in any chair in this price range. No product is perfect, but I would purchase this chair again without hesitation. A $10,000 chair might have the options I desire, but for this price range, I don’t think I could have bought a better one. I just wanted to let future buyers know about the ‘downsides” of the chair (although they are minor). I was able to easily get it through my front door and was happy to find out that there were very few parts that needed to be assembled. If you want a personal massage chair but don’t want to break the bank, this is the chair for you. I’d especially recommend it for those with sciatica, 

    42. 5 out of 5

      Matthew Ohrt

      Good quality and great service

      After about 1.5 years the liner did become frayed And the motor that makes the mechanism go up and down got caught in it and burned out. I called and they sent me a new liner in new motor assembly. I had to put it in but the service was excellent. I have a working chair again.

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    43. 5 out of 5


      The benefits are felt immediately..

      The chair performs as stated. The delivery was not as stated by the shipper. She said the chair would be placed where I wanted it. Apparently the box was too large to fit through the standard door so they left it in the garage and left my son to unpack. That was fine. However, they also wanted to leave the wood supports for us to deal with. He insisted they haul that off. I tried to call the shipping number, got no answer and the mail box was full. My son was able to get everything in to the house and assembled with no problem. The chair itself is all I could ask for. I like the yoga stretch with heat.

    44. 5 out of 5

      Joshua M Edwards

      Great product ~ excellent value

      I researched a bunch of massage chairs before purchasing this one and I’ve got to say that for the money it’s well worth it. I’ve only had the product for a little while, but it’s amazing. My only regret is not purchasing it sooner. The instructional video for assembly is excellent and easy to understand. It took me about 10 minutes to assemble. The video on how to use the remote is also very helpful. I love the numerous settings and targeted spot massages. My only con would be that I wish the leg length was a little longer (I’m 6 foot). It does extend but I haven’t figured out yet how to keep it extended. Other than that it’s excellent.

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    45. 5 out of 5

      Daniel Wagenheim

      Great Quality, Great Price, Great Options. Overall: Great Buy!!

      Quality: ExcellentModes: Excellent: Tons to choose From: Full Body Heating (Heating on the Cavs can get too hot because of the pressure/heat combo), massages all the way from the base of the head to the lower butt. Also, the Cavs (Can be a bit rough), and Feet (Amazing!!)Size: Excellent: Compact for the House. I am 6’3″ so it is a little too small for me, but it still does the job comfortablyAssembly: Excellent: Not hard at all.Overall: For the money, there is not other massage chair that will give you the same amount of options. There is no better chair for the money, and I’ve done the research. A Must Buy for People Looking for a Good Quality and Reliable Chair. I know because I use mine once a day… as well as friends and family.

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    46. 5 out of 5


      I love this chair

      There are a few “negatives” about this chair, but nothing you wouldn’t know upfront by reading the description and a few reviews. Let’s start with a refresher on what those are.The Negatives1. It is heavy. It is a massaging chair, so it is going to be heavy. It does have wheels on the back to allow you to roll it “easily.” Easily it a relative term here, but you can move it around by tipping it back. The only problem I had on this front is that until you have it completely assembled, plugged in and turned on at least once, those wheels are useless because you can’t tip it back onto the wheels while in the shipped position.2. Assembly required. It wasn’t really all that bad just following the instructions. I saw a few complaints in the reviews, so went into it knowing it wasn’t a two second assembly project, but there were no complications requiring a hit on the rating in my opinion. I did skim the online video after I assembled it because I thought I must have missed something, but nope the manual was clear enough for me.3. No cup holder. I knew it didn’t have one, but an add-on from the manufacturer would be nice.4. Lack of Glut support. This one isn’t mine, but a complaint from my partner. Just sitting in the chair, without the massager on, she doesn’t feel like the seat provides any support to her butt. In all fairness I get what she is saying, the massager thingy that moves from your head to your butt needs a groove to run along so there is a few inch “gap” under the center of your buttocks. My hips seem to be supported without a problem even with that gap and as this is my review, no deduction. Your mileage may vary.5. Controller Unlit. If I was going to hit the chair for anything it would be this one and if I could give a 1/2 star deduction I definitely would. The control screen is illuminated but the buttons are not, which make it a little difficult to use in a darkened room. That said, much like the TV remotes of old, you eventually just know where the buttons you use are and this becomes a non-issue. Hence only a 1/2 point deduction.6. Rough on the Feet. It takes a little getting used to the pressure from the rollers hitting the bottom of your feet. The manufacturer seems to recognize this and included pads to place in the feet wells. On the yoga massage I turn off the foot rollers. On the automatic massage I leave them on.The PositivesEverything else. It is a wonderful chair. I’ve watched many friends just fall asleep when trying out the default 15 minute automatic massage. It really helps me relax at night or after a stressful day and was a solid purchase in my opinion.

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    47. 4 out of 5


      Pretty good, only delivery needs improvement

      It does what it’s supposed to do – giving a pretty good massage. It still won’t match up to the acuity of a human touch but still relieves pain points on shoulders and neck, especially the tailbone only L track can cover. Even compared to Kahuna’s own higher-end line-up, this still is the best bang for the buck. My only disappointment was the delivery. I would expect at least two men to be delivering a 100-pound massage chair; only one man came. I ended up badly bruising my hand prevent the heavy box from falling over him. But overall, it’s been a little less than a month and the product is pretty good so far. 

    48. 5 out of 5


      Great chair, great customer service !!

      We have had our Kahuna chair for about 7 months, and use it several times daily. It is a great chair, and has been completely trouble free until recently, when an inside liner frayed and became caught in the working mechanism. I called the support number include with the chair, and after talking to the gentleman a bit, determined the problem. He apologized for the problem, and quickly offered to send someone to repair it at no charge. I explained that I felt qualified to do the repair myself if I had the part, which he agreed to ship that same day. The part was received in a few days, and the repair was easily replaced by me. The new part was much of an upgrade from the original, which he had already said was the case, and should last without this problem again. After dealing with this person on the phone, and the resultant customer service, I have no doubt that they have pride in their product. He even called me yesterday to be assured that the chair was working properly, and that I was happy. I haven’t seen customer service like that in a long time. If we ever wear this one out, we will definitely buy another Kahuna! 

    49. 4 out of 5

      Amazon Customer


      So….I wanted to write my review now that I’ve had my massage chair for almost 4 weeks now. I based my purchase on other reviews, so I wanted to make sure I gave my input also!I am very happy with my purchase of the Kahuna LM6800. It’s a great massage chair for the price and all the features it comes with. So far anyone who has come to my house and tried it out loves it also. What’s not to love about a massage, and a good one at that! There are times I don’t always feel the massage is strong enough for me, but it takes a very deep one for me, but I just remove the padding and use something with less padding over the roller to get a stronger effect. I do wish it came with different thicknesses for padding as an option, we all have different needs and some of us require a deeper massage. The yoga stretch program is great, you can really feel the stretch but its not overpowering. I sat in an 8,000.00 massage chair that stretches before I purchased this one and I hurt for 4 days after because the stretch was too intense. I have set in chairs at Brookstone stores and other places and this chair does everything that theirs do for a much cheaper price tag!As far as the foot massager goes, its like other reviewers have stated, its pretty strong, but you do get more used to it with time. But the free, that’s right I said FREE Kahuna Pau foot massager I got with it as a free promtotional item with purchase of the chair from good price world is wonderful, and a much better foot massager and its valued at 499.99!Also as others have mentioned the remote needs some improvements. But once you get it figured out its quite easy, and I called good price world and asked questions, and they were great to answer any questions I had. The chair has 5 auto programs, plus the Yoga feature. For the other 5 programs you have to push auto and a number shows up, but to get to program 5 you have to push it fives times, and the 1 and 4 button lights up, you have no way of knowing this unless you call and ask, which I did. So I made a cheat sheet listing what auto program 1 through 5 is. I also had a problem with being charged for the foot massager at first. I called amazon which was no help at all, they couldn’t even see the promotional item when they pulled up the item on their own website. You need to work on promotional items offered Amazon. So I called good priced world who was very nice and told me once I received the massage chair to let them know and they would credit it back, and they did, and very quickly! They did ship separately with Good Price world shipping the foot massage, which I got within one week, but on the other hand I only give Amazon 1 star for taking 2 weeks and a day to get the massage chair to me. It shipped within a week, but the company they used to get it to me received it on a Monday and I didn’t get it until the following Monday. It set in a warehouse 1 hour away from me, and missed the first Monday truck by a few hours, and they only delivered in my area on Mondays, so it basically took a week longer than it should have.My other complaint as others have mentioned is that the programs only last 15 minutes even though it appears you can go to 30 on the remote. You can extend it by pushing manual-auto-manual before the 15 minutes are up to get it to go another 15 minutes, and your are relaxed and don’t realized the time is almost up, then you have to start over again , and the put the chair all the way back up and start again. Although I knew this was the case when I purchased it, because I read most of the 300 and some reviews. It was kind of a scary purchase considering the 1899.99 price tag. But the other reviews made me feel more confident and I would do it all over again.Now as far as if the chair will hold up without many problems I can’t say that as of yet since I haven’t had it long enough. I sure hope it does. But I do know that Good Price world will bend over backwards to help if the time comes. I Iam 5’1 and the chair fits me well. I even called Good Price World to ask what chair would fit me best for my height, as I was considering the Kahuna 7300, and they told me the LM6800 would fit my size better, and I really appreciated their honesty since the 7300 had a much higher price tag of 2599.00. When I’m reclined all the way back I cant really feel the foot rollers because I’m too short and my feet barely touches them, but that’s another reason why I’m glad I got the free foot massager with it, so I don’t miss getting a good foot massage since I have the extra one!So here are the PRO’S: Great massage chair with lots of options and features for the price. Nice looking chair.CONS: remote needs work. The air massage on the arms I can barely feel on the lowest intensity, and if you are in manual mode you can adjust the intensity, but then its too much for my calves. It would be nice if you could control the air bag intensity for the legs and arms separately. I wish there was more than one chair cushion included that was thinner for times you need a harder massage. Although no one else who has tried it out has complained about it not being a deep enough massage, so the average person would not notice. The remote should have a name listed for the first 5 auto programs instead of just numbers.So all in all, it has some things that could be easier like the remote or features, but am I happy with my purchase….absolutely YES! 

    50. 5 out of 5

      Glenn A Swisher

      I got this chair for my wife for her birthday, and she loves it. I gave it 5 stars, because it works as expected, and is a real bargain (price-wise) compared to the 8800. If I could have given it a partial-star ding, I would have for the fact that the main part of the chair is one piece, which weighs about 165 +/- pounds, and is extremely unwieldy. I had to get it to the second floor of my house by myself in order to surprise my wife.

    51. 5 out of 5


      I would like to thank all those who wrote reviews on this …

      I would like to thank all those who wrote reviews on this massage chair. The reviews helped in my decision to make this purchase. I bought this thru Amazon Prime and was delivered on time as promised. My husband took less than an hour to assemble and I was on the chair right after. There were a couple of steps missing in the assembly instruction manual but it was easy to figure out. Like everybody’s comment the foot massage part is kinda hard but with some padding, it helps and feels good. I wouldn’t ask to have this adjusted so it’s there when you need that hard massage on the leg. This is really good if you have RLS (restless leg syndrome). I love everything about this chair especially the Yoga mode, which stretches your body. Of course my cats love to sleep in it so I put a cover over it!

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    52. 5 out of 5

      Amazon Customer

      Kahuna Massage Chair LM-6800 Black — 2 years later.

      Great massage chair overall… with some minor issues that are worth mentioning:1. The hand control while usable… there’s no way to program it for each person in the house as a preset. You basically have to re-program the settings you want every time. Not horrible, but for a luxury item, it is expected.2. There’s no adjustment for the “calf” width. So, for larger legs, this really squeezed way too much for comfort even at the “lowest” intensity setting.3. There’s only 3 intensity settings, and it applies “Globally” to all of the machine.4. There’s a rather LONG amount of time between “End of Massage” and Turn Back on for new Massage.I don’t see any reason for this long delay. But, it takes longer than expected to re-run a massage. And of course, you have to redo all the settings.Good stuff: Nice comfortable, relaxing, deep, firm massage from the buttocks to the upper back.Not so much the legs (as mentioned), and nothing above the neck area.Would buy again if I wanted another… but would probably look for something more customizable from this brand. Overall, its a great massage chair.O… one more thing. Would have been nice if they added MP3 player with headphone jack. for ambiance listening.

    53. 5 out of 5

      wojciech ciula

      Amazing chair, unbelievable price

      TL;DR: Fantastic chair, Only downside is the installation.Just got the chair 30 minutes ago, and this is my first massage chair, so take this with a grain of salt. This chair feels fantastic, and you really can’t beat the price. While searching for a chair I went to a few stores that carried them and this is much better than $2-3k chairs I tried out, and it definitely rivals the $7-8k chairs. Needless to say I was very happy after the first massage and here is my experience.The package arrived, and was a bit banged up, but there was no damage to the chair. Installation should have taken less than 10 minutes, however the instructions were very brief, and you kind of have to figure things out on your own. Which isn’t too bad, except I either did not receive two hoses or I received two additional connectors. Roughly 20 minutes after signing for the package I had the chair setup, plugged in, and ready to go. I fired up the chair, closed my eyes, and began to relax as the machine did its thing. Then the air bags started going and I could swear Darth Vader was giving me a massage. The noise isn’t too loud and if you have the TV on or some music playing I’m sure it will drown it out. However if it’s quiet you can hear the chair working. I noticed that I was a bit too big for the chair (6’2″, 250lbs), as the airbags for the arms kept trying to push my arms out of the armrest. The other indicator, was that I had to curl my hands a bit (think of resting your hands on the home row of the keyboard) as my fingers were an inch or two too long for the enclosed armrest. That being said, I definitely enjoyed the massage and would totally get this chair again. After it was all over, I really wanted to go again, but I know my wife was eager to try it out as well, so she took the next turn and there were no complaints from her. Both of us would definitely recommend this chair to anyone without hesitation.Pros:-Incredible bang for the buck. Great amount of features, Solid construction-L-Track rocks – most of the chairs in the price range stopped at the lower back, this one goes all the way to your glutes.-Space saving design – This chair is almost all the way against the wall (~3″) and doesn’t feel like it’s taking up too much spaceCons:-Vague Instructions and missing/additional parts (chair works, I just had 2 hose connectors left over)Meh Annoyances-Shoulder massage – Not sure if this is due to my size, but I had to consciously keep my arms in the arm rests as the shoulder air bags wanted to moved my arms out of the armrest-Narrow Armrest – Same as above, this might be due to my size, but the armrest airbags felt like they were pushing my arms out of the armrest.

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    54. 5 out of 5

      Rita Klempin


      I am really impressed with this product. I am 39 y.o., 6’7″, 255 lb. I have a 37.5″ waist and wear a 48-50 suit jacket. I am an avid weight lifter with wide proportions. I have many aches and pains from my active lifestyle. Lower back, foot, heel, shoulder blade, etc… I researched many different brands of massage chair, fearing I would not fit into any of them, as I am much bigger then average. Many reviews for the Kahuna were from 6’3″, 6’4″ people, so I decided to give it a try. It is snug, but I fit! My next concern is that none of these chairs would be powerful enough to massage me to satisfaction. This chair is more then capable! The 3 levels of intensity make it perfect for all body types and uses, usually the “medium” setting is powerful enough for me. I love the foot massage function, again, size 15 feet, I wasn’t sure if the rollers would reach the correct spots, but they do. I’ve only just gotten this, so I will update my review in the future as my only concern left is longevity, but with a 3 year warranty, even that is not too concerning. This is a fantastic chair! Assembly is very easy, and it has enough variety/intensity levels to be useful for most anyone. My petite wife loves it too! Great product, can’t recommend enough! 

    55. 5 out of 5


      The Kahuna massage chair

      I have been suffering from work related back issues for years, this is the mother of all chairs and not emptying out your wallet. The delivery was first class here in the D, friendly and called to let me know the were running a little behind due to traffic. The chair has a small footprint with the design it can be placed close to the wall area.The foot rollers are a little intensive needed to put thick socks on. The massage is just hard to explain other than superb, like a person with strong small hands. Relieves pain and slept all night on the first day, hope to reduce pain Meds soon. Could be a problem for someone over 6 foot…Neg.. the remote does not have a light on it for low light use but still 5 stars

    56. 4 out of 5

      Ami G

      Less back and sciatica pain – Really worth the $

      I researched around for the best chairs at around $2000 and looked at all the reviews. Finally settling on this chair based primarily on all the Amazon reviews. The positive reviews on this chair was right on. The stretch features programmed into this chair are amazing. The reviews about the chair being hard on the body are true but that is an advantage in my book. My body feels amazing as I like deep tissue massages. After all, you don’t want to spend all this money and feel like a feather hit your back. The L frame is amazing and really helps my sciatica. The remote is not very user friendly but simple enough to get used to. I am 5’6″ and the chair is a bit small for me but there is a sensor feature that works well before each session. It was rather simple to put together but I did watch the YouTube video on it which was very helpful. The chair weighs a lot but has two wheels to roll it into position. The chair arrived with the bottom plastic under the footrest cracked. I called the company number and the customer service was exceptional. I called on a Friday and they returned the call the following Monday and shipped out a new part to me on Tuesday. I was very impressed. I highly recommend this chair. I hope it lasts the test of time as it gets used two to three sessions a day. 

    57. 5 out of 5


      Exceeded my expectations!

      I love this chair! The chair exceeded my expectations. Criteria for a chair was it needed to fit through a 29″ door. I wanted the chair in my home office which has a bedroom size door frame. When looking at chairs to purchase so many of the chairs would not fit. Once the chair was in my office it took less then 15 minutes to setup. 2 screws on each side piece and 3 screws on each shoulder piece and my chair was ready. The remote was simple not complicated and was very intuitive. I am 5’2″ and it fits my body, and my friend is 6′ and it fit his body. The L-Track is awesome. When you start in one of the auto modes the chair first scans for your body size. Being a shorter person the “average anything” just doesn’t work for me and since this scanned first the massage was from the top of my neck to below my hamstrings. Yoga mode adds the extra stretch to the massage. After using one of the auto modes I then targeted my shoulders and neck which need just a little extra time. Again, the remote is simple and I was able to figure out how to use the target mode easily.The seller who offers the chair is marvelous. I had a question so I called the number on the manual figuring I would get a recording and never hear back. Nope! I spoke to a very nice gentleman who was polite and professional. I hope to never have to call for a repair but if I do need to I feel there is someone who will pick up the phone and help.Always scary to buy something which cost so much without trying it or and having to trusting the reviews and the customer service of the seller. I am pleasantly surprised that the chair exceeded my expectations and the seller is just a phone call away.Since my review is so positive I do want to mention in no way have I been compensated for this review. The chair is really that good and I felt it was worth my time to share for anyone else who reads reviews before purchasing. 

    58. 5 out of 5


      I love it!!

      I love my Kahuna LM 6800. It’s very comfortable and comes with Auto, Yoga, and Manual mode. Yoga is really good after a long day at work standing. Auto mode covers whole body without muscle stretch. Manual comes in handy when you want to focus on one section of the body. It’s pretty quiet and doesn’t take up lots of space, which is perfect for my home. I just wish the installation could be easier (took us about 45 mins to assemble). Overall it’s an awesome massage chair for it’s price. 

    59. 5 out of 5

      J. considine

      Go and buy this one.

      So I went to the dentist and he bought the $799 chair that’s for sale here and after looking at all reviews I finally decided to go the extra mile and get this one. At $1800 it is a steal. I had one 10 years ago that was nothing near how this works. Technology has come a long way. I love all the auto options and the manual. The chiro and yoga options are awesome. I wish the remote was bigger with more options but it will do. Also the feet like others have said do hurt a little on certain choices but I can just put a blanket down and all is good. I also did the white glove service and highly suggest doing this. They setup a time to deliver and install my chair right away. It takes no time since they do this every day and u know it is done properly. I even got a discount for this so it was a no brained. One issue I’m having and only issue is the right shoulder pad is making a little noise and wish I could figure it out but hoping it will fix itself over time. It’s not really that much a big deal anyways at the moment. Leave me a like if this was helpful. Thanks.

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    60. 5 out of 5

      D. C. Cooper

      My wife LOVES this chair!

      My wife has a high stress job and has back and neck pain and just general stress tight muscles. She is in great physical shape but as we age things sometimes hurt. Got this as a present for her and she loves it! (ok I do too)Lots of different settings to get the type of massage you want. I am partial to the Yoga setting which is a relaxing massage/stretch.One tip. I put some heavy socks on the foot pads. The foot massage can be rather intense. That cushions it a bit and definitely helps.I highly recommend it!

    61. 5 out of 5

      Benjamin Kappel

      3 years going strong

      Love this thing. 6’3” 210 lbs. It fits decent, love the manual mode to work out knots. Not a fan of the shoulder air bags because it can push me away from the chair. My wife reads for hours in it while it’s not even on, just reclined.

    62. 4 out of 5

      Cynthia Kiive

      Be sure the power cord for the mat is exposed

      The yoga part is just wonderful. You had better be ready to adjust your body to the sudden stretching. I had to take my feet and be on my tiptoes so I wouldn’t have my ankles smashed and feet trapped. Other than that, it is wonderful for my Herniated disks, the Nerve tumor, and the Scoliosis I have.Be sure and learn what each different setting can do. The heat can be optional too.Sometimes you want an extended time with a certain massage type. You can have that. One at a time or all in one. Different areas can be isolated for comfort. I need to add a pillow in my chair at the lower back area in order to prevent the rollers, etc. from digging in too hard. I also add towels to protect the chair from the ointments I use. I no longer need a Physical Therapist. I have one in-house now!♥♥♥

    63. 5 out of 5

      Kimberly A Flowers

      Get the white glove service!

      Let me tell you – I regretted every second of not purchasing the installation service. The thing was expectedly heavy, but also awkward and slippery to carry upstairs and I nearly dropped it because there just isn’t a good place to hold it. Once I got it to its final resting place, I started to assemble, which meant I noticed that two of the air tubes were missing the angled L connectors that they were supposed to come with, requiring me to get inventive. In addition, one of the air tubes was completely missing from the headrest area, which I had to fish through the bottom of the chair.Once I got it going though, I have been made a FIRM believer. And I do mean FIRM – this thing will squeeze your body parts so intensely you almost start to panic the first time because you’re questioning whether or not its malfunctioning and may break parts of your body. I’m dead serious. However, trust the machine – this is not your run-of-the-mill mall chair massager, this thing *really* gets down into your body and administers what you need. PROTIPS: The zero gravity 3 setting and the YOGA programs are life-altering. 

    64. 4 out of 5


      This chair offers a very good massage. But 2 months into use the foot …

      This chair offers a very good massage. But 2 months into use the foot rollers stopped working. I’m working with customer service right now and they’re asking for a picture and video of the issue. Hmmm. We’ll see how this goes, but I am disappointed that parts are already failing. If I had one with with this chair it would be that the remote weren’t so weak. You cannot control the timing of the massages and after every 15 minute session you must turn off the chair, which re-sets it into the upright position. Kind of annoying, but I guess they don’t want you to sit in it all day long. Arm massage is legit and the L-track reaches all the way to your thighs, which feels great.Edit 10.19.16Customer service took care of the roller issue after about 3 weeks so I am happy with that. The chair continues to function well and I’ll add that for the price there really isn’t any comparison in the massage chair marketplace. Most will not cover head to toe at this price range. Yes, add foam to the foot rollers, but besides that it is a fantastic buy and I am glad we made the choice to get a Kahuna.

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    65. 4 out of 5

      Amazon Customer

      very good customer service. solid built

      After weeks of research I went for this solely because of great customer service and reviews of brand reliability. The market is saturated at every price point. A lot with stories of companies being unreachable or hard to get hold of for after sales service. I have contacted them 3 times and have reached a representative within seconds. Very professional, courteous and knowledgeable and one can tell some effort and training went into that.Gives a great massage. Not harsh at all as some say. Low noise and even the sound of the airbags is soothingGave it 4 cause at this price point, installation is a bit of a pain. Other brands have more features for less price and a had a small issue which was quickly fixed with a call but seems like a design flaw. At this price, this is the one to go for if you want peace of mind.

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    66. 5 out of 5

      Carmen Diaz

      Great Massage Chair!

      Ordered this chair for my pregnant wife for Christmas and she could not have been happier with it! The brown color fits in with the living room and the chair looks expensive and well made. We were surprised by how well the air bags work, they apply a LOT of pressure to your arms, legs and shoulders. I always keep it at low intensity for that reason but glad it has that ability. The rollers are great and the pre-programmed modes are good. Only thing I would like to see , is a place where we can order extra padding for the legs and feet. Yes, it already comes with one set of extra foam for the feet but would like another for the calves. 

    67. 4 out of 5

      Ketan Raturi

      Nice chair! Unfocused narrative.

      Excellent massage chair! It’s a bit smaller than I’d hoped – I’m 6’3″ and it doesn’t quite stretch out enough for my legs to fully extend. There are only 3 preset massages, all of which are pretty decent, but a little more variety would have been nice. You’d think by this point there’d be downloadable new massages, but then again I suppose the security implications are pretty harsh when you’ve got a robot that could potentially cause major physical harm with making a device do that. The L-track is pretty crazy, it massages all the way down your lower back and under your butt. Makes quite a bit of noise when it’s moving you around initially, as the plastic clicks and clacks together as it sort of stretches and expands. Oh, and the foot rollers hurt like the dickens without putting a little extra padding, so make sure you put a rag or micro fiber towel down there.

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    68. 5 out of 5


      Outstanding Value!

      To give a bit of background on the review, this is my first massage chair. I searched reviews, etc., as I was unable to try the product before ordering. And the result? I’m extremely satisfied with this chair! It does a full body massage at a relatively low price (chairs that do full body massages many times cost more than double this product).What I like:The auto and chiro programs are excellent. There are alot of modes to choose from, and they work well.The chair is comfortable and looks “high end”. The zero gravity position is very comfortable and there are a number of position adjustments that can be made.The assembly is relatively simple and the instructions are easy to follow. There are several bolts to attach the side panels and the shoulder panels, and you need to “zip on” the chair cover mat and plug in the air tubes. It’s pretty straightforward.What could be improved:The foot massage is very intense as many others have mentioned. I use a folded washcloth as additional padding and it works perfectly.I’m 6′ tall, and the leg positioning is fine but I wish the footrest extended slightly longer. My knees are slightly bent but it’s not uncomfortable. You could call this a minor complaint, since you can recline the chair to minimize this issue. However, for those who are much taller than this, it could be an issue. For those shorter, it won’t be a problem.I wish the remote was backlit. There is a screen that shows the program, etc., however the buttons themselves aren’t backlit which makes programming in the dark a challenge.Overall I give it 5 stars as the different massage modes work as expected,and there are a number of different programming modes to choose the massage of your choice. Just pick the mode that suits your needs and enjoy the massage! The chair is extremely comfortable and my wife and I love it! I cannot comment on durability as we’ve only had it for a week, but I can tell you it’s getting a lot of use! Despite the minor complaints, I’m extremely happy with this purchase and glad I chose it. I give it 5 stars! 

    69. 5 out of 5

      R. Monson

      Amazing. Value.

      Wow. This chair is amazing, and what a value. Like many I was prompted to shop for one of these after sitting in one in a store. My wife also has back troubles so I had added incentive. The chair we thought was great in a store was well over $5,000! That’s a no-go. So the search was on. There are other options that look enticing and at reasonable prices but what I liked about this chair was the L-track. My wife’s back pain is lower so the L-track gets the massage plenty low (L-track means the massage ‘head’ takes a turn and goes all the way down to your butt).This chair has most of the features of the more expensive ones including foot rollers, leg air bags, arm and shoulder air bags, heat, etc. It isn’t technically a 3D massage but has 3-level intensity control, speed and width adjustments. It has several massage techniques like standard swedish motion, knead, beat, and combinations thereof. I don’t know which I like most. They all feel terrific.You can select manual and massage sections or spots. Then add heat, foot rollers, air bags. You decide. Or, choose a preset program. I love the Yoga. It grabs you and stretches you while massaging you. It’s really quite amazing what this thing can do. It also does a fantastic job of massaging your neck. This thing feels almost like a human working on your neck.. I was afraid that the neck area would be lacking but lift the pillow up a little to expose your neck and it goes to work!Now the cons: the foot rollers don’t have enough padding over them. Frankly it hurt. I have been testing different thicknesses of added foam (the stuff that came in the packing). I may just get little custom ‘pillows’ made to sit in the bottom and you choose what feels best. Not a showstopper by any means. That’s really my only complaint.Installation tip: the side arms have an air tube you have to connect. Mine came with right angle adapters on both ends. Simply remove one of them and hook them together. Also, get some help – this thing is almost 200 pounds!Overall, I am very pleased. You just can’t find a chair with this many features for a better price.

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