Buying Guide

Buying Guide

We understand the difficulties of choosing massage chair that will fit your need. You will need to consider quality of the massage, features that provided by the chair, how much space it will take, return policy and etc. Here is the guideline for you to check each consideration before you buy.

Most of the massage chairs provides combination programs for user to enjoy massage quickly and teach programs have different techniques that gives user relaxation, pain relief, and detoxification. Some massage chairs provides one or two programs, some of them have multiples options you can choose.  

Here is the check list of the massage chair before buying that perfectly fits you. 

Massage chair price – Price range can be $1,000 upto $9,000. It is not always true that most expensive one is the best for you. Consider how much you are willing to invest for benefits of the massage chair such as boosting immunity, detoxing, relaxing and everything health related expenses.

Massage chair material & Design – Most massage chairs are made in synthetic leather for many reasons. Synthetic leather is made to handle the substantial amount of heat created from all of the massage chair. The synthetic leather is easy to manage at home. Massage chair usually takes up a lot of space.

Heat Treatment – This awesome function will heat up your body while getting a massage so you can enjoy full benefits of massage

Motor speeds – It determind the massage speed. Make sure to check if it has speed contorl and how 

Massage Roller  – Roller design has huge impact on massage quality. Most of the massage chair’s roller’s designed differently, some of the low quality models have limited track movements, roller movements, and load noises to interupt your massage. Recently there are many types massages due to technology advance such as 3D steroscopic, Zero Gravity, and Deep Tissue. 

Massage Roller Stroke – The massage stroke has a very important role. It offers effectiveness of your massage. Stiff, tense areas, and customizes the program to give longer duration and more frequent massage or more pressure right where you need it.

Massage Techniques – This massage techinque of the chair will make the differnece of the chair. It is likea quick start menu that already programed for you to enjoy. Some of them has many functions, others only have one or few. Check what kind of functions the massage chair provides before you purchase one.

Remote control – Every massage chair’s remote designed differently unlike TV remote. It will help you contorll massage speed, intensity, and recline positions and even bluetooth option.

Body Scan Technology – New technology that scans your body to give you perfect custom massage experience.

All of our prices include free delivery. No sales tax. Except: California Residents 

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