Kahuna Massage Chair Premium SL-track Kahuna Massage Chair, SM-7300S Dark Brown

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    Premium Full-body SL-Track Kahuna massage chair with 6 roller wide range coverage – SM-7300S



    SM7300S massage chair is a higher version of SM7300 with many new features. Built to focus on higher quality massage experience with variety auto programs with bigger body range coverage. SM7300S has 4 new programs added such as music sync, and 3 new stretching auto programs. Strong massage performance with lasting performance chair. SM-7300S performs various techniques such as kneading, tapping, tapping + kneading combination, shiatsu, and knocking. SM-7300S 13 automatic massage programs including 4 Kahuna Stretching programs such as yoga-stretching, active stretching, sv-chiro stretching, dynamic stretching and 4 special massage programs such as office person, golfer mode, senior mode, dynamic sports. All massages types are based on shiatsu therapy to give user full massage experience. SM-7300S air-cell system is located in shoulders, arms, waist, with triple hip air-cells will give you a real relief massage.



    SM-7300 & SM-7300S INSTALLATION

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    YOGA Stretching Program

    SM-7300S has special automatic massage program called “Yoga-Stretching”. One of the most popular Kahuna massage programs that users love. Shoulders and legs are grabbed by the chair and it reclines to opposite direction to give maximum stretching. This was first program is designed to increase blood circulation to eliminate toxins and boost health benefits from massage such as stress and tension on the body. Perfect program to use daily for tired body.


    Active Stretching Program

    New Kahuna stretching program that performs knocking, rolling and tapping massage technique combinations that focuses on your UPPER back while stretching at a faster pace simultaneously.


    Sv-Chiro Stretching Program

    New Kahuna stretching program that performs knocking, rolling and tapping massage technique combinations that focuses on your LOWER back while stretching at a faster pace simultaneously.


    Dynamic Stretching Program

    New Kahuna stretching program that performs multi speed stretching throughout the program while performing all massage techniques mixed dynamically for your entire back.


    SM-7300S Main SL-Track Massage System

    SM-7300S main massage system is on SL-track with 6 wheels rollers. SL-track is shape of roller trail with curve that designed to supports to your neck to back and all the way to buttocks. This system will cover your entire back and decompresses everyone’s spine and increases the effects range of massage by far. 6rollers sizes are 2 of 1.25″ Rollers with acupoint nodes on top, 4 of 0.8″ Rollers on bottom roller make this massage experience unique.


    Computer Smart Body Scan Technology

    Computer scans will detect your body size automatically when you start one of the auto programs and you can now enjoy custom fit body massage.


    Space-Saving Technology

    None space-saving massage chairs usually require over 20” from the wall to be in zero gravity, but SM-7300S has space-saving sliding reclining system will only need 3” from the wall, it will always look great in your room.

    Zero Gravity Positions

    Zero gravity position is most effective position to effectively enjoy a massage. Zero-gravity massage chairs can help spread a user’s weight across the chair and less burden your lower back pressure. This relieves stress on the body and allows for a deeper, more intense massage experience. The reduction of stress on your body is so effective you’ll feel virtually weightless as a result. The therapeutic effects are incredibly effective and immediately feel the relief.


    Taller & Wider Size Accommodation

    SM-7300S provides are larger seating are with wider shoulder width than most standard chair making this model perfect for bigger builds. Although it can accommodate wider builds SM-7300 is still able to accommodate average body sizes perfectly without the feeling of the chair is too big. Maximum sizes are Shoulder 24″, hip 21″ leg 12″ extension.


    Air-cell Massage Technology

    SM-7300S has uniquely designed air massage technology covers most of the surface area with minimal number of airbags. The air bags are programmed to inflate separately for better blood circulation on the body to and assist stretching the body according to the programs. It stretches applied to the shoulders, hips, and thighs. Full body air massage from shoulder to foot.

    Lower Back and Leg Heat therapy

    Heat therapy on your Lower back and leg dilates the blood vessels of the muscles surrounding the lumbar spine. This process increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, helping to heal the damaged tissue. SM-7300S can separately turn on/off back and leg heating function.


    Acupressure Points on Arm

    Acupressure points added on the fabric of the arm air-cells that amplifies the massage effect promoting better circulation in hands and arms.

    LED Lighting Design

    SM-7300 has newly added cosmetic design of LED lights on the sides of the chair that casts a cool and relax tone of colors to help create a relaxing atmosphere while enjoying your massage in dim lighting.

    Zipper Leg Extension Covering

    Exchangeable coverings for the left and foot portion can make maintenance simple and easy. When your coverings are dirty or worn you can exchange or clean it.


    Calf and Foot air massage

    There are multiple air bags for the legs and feet. It gives a 3D compression massage. You can also manually adjust the foot massager length up to 12″.

    Advanced 3 technique Foot Massage with 12″ long extension

    Full coverage squeeze function with 3 different techniques width tapping, rolling, scraping with dual air-cells that inflate and wrap around the sides of your calves and top of the foot making this leg extension a full coverage upgrade.

    FEATURE List

    1. 6-rollers with SL-track massage system
    2. Space Saving with upgraded 3 Zero Gravity Positions with more angle
    3. Acupressure Points on arm
    4. LCD screen remote / LED Light design
    5. Massage Time control up to 60 Minutes
    6. SM-7300S has bigger seating area with wider shoulder width than standard
    7. Triple Hip Air-Cell massage technology
    8. Computer body scan technology
    9. All-in-one whole body massage with 36 Air Bag Massagers
    10. 13 automatic massage programs
    11. Different portions of body massage programs -(Full-body, Partial area of choice, Fixed Point)
    12. 5 Levels of speed and pressure adjustments
    13. Quick Heating Technology: Back and Legs with separate on/off control
    14. Wrap Around Calf and Foot Massage width Stretchable and Flexible Footrest for any height. Recommended max Height is 6.5 feet.
    15. Buttock Roller Massage
    16. 4 variety Stretching programs stretches for whole body vertically while holds shoulders and push to stretch out shoulder blades and neck
    17. Light legs tilting improves twisted pelvic
    18. App controller available via phone or tablet
    19. Massage session upto 1 hour.
    20. Built in Castor for easy movement


    • Shoulder massage unit provides easy and pleasant air pressure massage for shoulder.
    • Massage body areas of palm, arms, spine and buttock with air pressure.
    • Massage your shanks, ankles and soles with strong wrapped rollers.
    • Shoulder position detection function let you enjoy more individualized massage.
    • Adjustable shoulder position.
    • Adjustable shoulder and back massage strength.
    • Massage speed can be adjusted when kneading and tapping options are selected.
    • Built in castor for easy movement.
    • Relieve fatigue, stress and tension of your lower back.
    • Improve blood circulation.
    • Soothes tired muscles.
    • Relaxes stiff and aching muscles.






    Rated voltage 120V
    Rated Frequency 60 Hz
    Rated  Power Consumption 200W Max
    Product Dimension (LXWXH) 50 X 32 X 55 Inches
    Net weight  198/40Lb
    Gross weight  246/62Lb

    Additional information

    Weight 258.0 lbs
    Dimensions 31 × 57 in

    Semi Assembled


    Dark Brown


    Full Body

    Automatic Body Scan





    SM Superior

    Standard Warranty

    2 Years – Parts & Labor

    Auto foot extension









    Hand Held Remote

    Session Time

    Max 30 Minutes









    Heating Therapy


    MASSAGE Auto Programs


    2 reviews for Kahuna Massage Chair Premium SL-track Kahuna Massage Chair, SM-7300S Dark Brown

    1. 5 out of 5


      First off, I am not a paid spokesperson by Kahuna. Overall this is a great massage chair, if I could I would give it a 4.5/5. I have had two different massage brand chairs so far and this is by far the best one I have owned. I selected this chair over the 7300 and 6800 series as it has the most updated software, better zero gravity setting and offers the additional calf/leg heating functions. Some other reviews have had issues with speakers and the body scanner which I would also find aggravating, but I have had no issues with regard to quality control or assembly.

      Easy to setup and install myself, with some 12 yr old help. The hardest part was getting a zipper started on the lower seat cushion.

      Very comfortable chair to sit in. The synthetic leather is nice and looks like a quality piece of furniture.

      Several multi-functions, preset massages and stretching programs preloaded. Coupled with the back and leg heating, it really helps loosen muscles and relieve pains. You can make a program last up to 60 minutes if you want.

      6 roller S-L track. Massages all the way from the middle of the thighs/buttocks up to the base of your skull. Very accurate between different body types. I am 6’1″ 185lbs and my wife is 5’2″ around 115lbs and works well for both of us.

      Hip airbags do a nice job of holding you in place for lower back and butt massages or stretching programs. The air bags also help in sliding your hips side to side for greater coverage over your entire lower back.

      Remote +/- Allows you change intensity, location and duration of the massage but it resets back to default at shut-off. It takes about 30 seconds of 20 clicks or so on the remote to customize the program to your liking prior to each massage. At least it is customizable. Just wish you could save your own settings or change the default somehow. (Hopefully they release an iOS/Android bluetooth version of the remote with these options!)

      Foot Massage- The foot rollers are amazing on it but my wife and I feel the air bags on the feet squeeze way too hard for the normal setting. So hard sometimes that my feet would be forced off the massage rollers. We both always turn them down to the lowest intensity prior to starting the program of our choosing. In this setting it works great.

      When the massage is finished the chair leaves you reclined in zero gravity position and you have to manually move the chair back down to standard seating position yourself. It would be nice if the chair just returned to the standard sitting position at the end of the massage.

      This is really and great chair for the money and the few issues I have with it pale in comparison to my overall satisfaction with the product. I use this nightly and it has really helped with my lower back and neck pain. Bottom line, I would buy this chair again knowing what I know about it. If they fixed the above minor issues, this chair would be downright perfect.

    2. 5 out of 5


      During massage, the upper left side of the chair disconnects from the body of the chair with a loud POP.
      This is apparently due to a bracket creep issue. Not sure what to do about it. Hoping that Kahuna has a fix because other than that I love this chair.
      EDIT: Got a quick response from Kahuna US service. I had to take the chair apart and reposition the bracket. Not easy but worth the effort! The fix worked and I will go to 4.5 stars after I get a GREAT massage. I have to say that the massage quality and programmable choices are vastly improved since I last bought a massage chair in the year 1999 and yet I paid the same price 20 years later. GREAT VALUE

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