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Free Foot Bath Spa or Half Sauna KN-103 


HM-5020 $2,600-> $1,599.99 + Foot Bath Spa

LM-6800 $3,500 -> $1,699.99 + Foot Bath Spa

LM-6800S $4,000 -> $1,899.99 + Foot Bath Spa

LM-6800T $4,500 -> $2,499.99 + Foot Bath Spa

LM-7000 $5,000 -> $2,599.99 + Foot Bath Spa

SM-7300 $6,000 -> $2,799.99 + Foot Bath Spa

SM-7300S $7,000 -> $3,199.99 + Foot Bath Spa

EM-ARETE $7,000 -> $5,899.99 + Half Sauna KN-103

EM-8300 $8,000 -> $6,899.99 + Half Sauna KN-103

EM-8500 $10,000 -> $8,999.99 + Half Sauna KN-103

HM-KAPPA $10,000 -> Free HALF SAUNA KN-102 

SM-9300 $13,000 -> Free HALF SAUNA KN-102 + Kahuna Premium Mask 


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HM-5020 $2,600-> $1,499.99 

LM-6800 $3,500 -> $1,699.99

LM-6800S $4,000 -> $1,899.99

LM-6800T $4,500 -> $2,499.99

LM-7000 $5,000 -> $2,599.99

SM-7300 $6,000 -> $2,799.99

SM-7300S $7,000 -> $3,099.99

EM-ARETE $7,000 -> $4,299.99

EM-8300 $8,000 -> $5,799.99

EM-8500 $10,000 -> $7,299.99

HM-KAPPA $10,000 -> $7,799.99

SM-9300 $13,000 -> $8,799.99


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 About the white glove

 COVID-19 has been bringing changes to our industry on a day to day basis, therefore we are trying to keep you as updated as possible. Starting from today, our carrier will be sending you an alert if there are any changes of service to any of your shipments.  These alerts will notify you of areas where and how the virus is currently impacting home delivery/white glove services.  Every attempt is being made to perform the appropriate services but there now are and will be exceptions in this ever-changing national emergency. In certain delivery areas, our crews will be following a No Contact Delivery (NCD) process. This will allow drivers to follow the CDC’s recommended social distancing practices.  During a “No Contact Delivery,” the consumer will be present, but will not be required to physically sign for the freight.  Instead, the delivery will be notated by the crew as “NCD”.  The crews are instructed to make sure they list the delivery as clear or with any OS&D issues. If you have purchased the white glove delivery option and you choose to select No Contact Delivery, or the service is not available in your area then please contact us and we will provide a refund for the white glove service.