10th Jul 2019

Improving Your Foot Health: What Regular Pedicures and Massages Can Do For You

feet and leg massager

When we think of bettering our health, we often think about improving our diet and implementing an exercise routine. But often, we forget about an equally important part of our bodies.

Our feet.

Around 75% of American will experience foot health related problems—all of varying degrees ranging from minuscule to unsightly and severe issues.

Blisters, corns, and athlete's foot are never fun to deal with.

Your feet help you get from point A to point B, so if now you’re wondering how you can take care of your entire body—from your head to your toes read on. Discover how regular at home pedicures paired with a feet and leg massager can prevent foot related health issues down the line.

Fighting infection

Regular pedicures help maintain your feet’s hygienic status. Use nail clippers to cut away at gnarly and long nails. This lowers your chances of infection. Foot fungi that can get trapped underneath if your toenails and unkempt.

But if you're uncomfortable going to a salon, because of either the price or your gender, keep in mind that pedicures aren’t just for women. You also don’t have to frequent your nearest high-end salon and pay an absurd amount. Yes, salon pedicures can get pricey, but with the right tools, you can manage on your own at home.

Exfoliate your feet and legs, making sure to scrub off all the dead skin cells. Cut away at your cuticles and rinse your legs off.

Next, it’s time to move onto the final step.

A relaxing massage.

Massages have positive benefits on your mental and physical health, making them crucial to your self-care and health maintenance.

Massages ward off stress

Regular massages have their own list of benefits. It’s a therapeutic way to blow off steam and unwind.

Stress affects us negatively and can actually raise our blood pressure, cause acne, and weight gain.

Regular massages can improve circulation

If you’re not sold on the physiological aspects of massage therapy, perhaps the physical aspects will draw you in. Improved circulation will help you live a healthier life. It can also help your skin looking youthful.

When our blood is able to flow freely throughout our entire bodies, we feel more energized and in tune with our bodies. Other functions, such as your breathing, will also drastically improve.

Feet and leg massager: the tool you need

Unless you're a qualified massage therapist, you may feel like your hands aren't cutting it. But don't worry. A full leg massager can give you a salon worthy massage at home.

If the idea of massage therapy to improve your health is intriguing to you, you don’t have to buy the most expensive massage chair online. There are feet and leg massager tools that can improve your circulation and have your feet and toes feeling fresh and healthy.

Choosing the perfect compact foot massager can improve your life in the best way possible.

So now you know the benefits of not just regular pedicures, but some of the positive attributes associated with massage therapy. These are ways you can improve your health from the comfort of your own home.

Not only your feet, but your entire body will thank you.