9th Aug 2021

How to Find a Massage Chair That's Right for You

massage chair comparison

Massage chair comparison can be a stressful, confusing process if you don't know what you're looking for. As the market has grown in popularity, so has the availability of options, which often leads to a misleading selection process. But if you inform yourself and follow our simple tips, you should have no trouble choosing a massage chair.

First it's important to select the type of chair you want. Do you want a leg massager? If so, are you looking to target specific areas by using a foot and ankle massager? Maybe you want a whole body massage chair that provides more general relief. The choice you make depends on your own personal needs, so you should narrow this down before you get into looking at specific models.

A good massage chair provides strength, support, and, most importantly, pain relief. Depending on the type and quality of chair, these points are achieved through a number of different features. Many chairs replicate techniques used by certified massage therapists. It's been reported that a variety of medical professionals send referrals to massage therapists, according to reports from roughly 76% of massage therapists. When you consider this figure and add in the comfort of experiencing a massage in your home, investing in a good chair becomes even more appealing.

Some chairs use roller patterns to target pressure points and other sensitive areas in the body. Most allow you to use preprogrammed cycles or customize them based on your personal requirements. Temperature controls such as heat therapy features represent another technological advancement that you may want to keep an eye out for as you search for a new chair. Premium massage products offer further amenities such as weight detection, customizable angles, and zero gravity modes that simulate different environments to create maximum comfort, reduce tension, and provide unmatched pain relief.

Finally, you will want to be sure to consider any physical limitations before purchasing a new chair. Make sure there is enough space in your home to accommodate a new chair. This may mean you need to rearrange things so there is enough space for the chair to recline, move, and rotate. Thanks to advances in technology and medical contributions, the world of massage chairs will only continue to grow. Informing yourself on massage chair comparison is the first step toward finding the chair that is right for you.