25th Jun 2019

Benefits of Using Massage Chairs

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Massage involves the manipulation of the body's soft tissues, which allows easier blood flow and thus better oxygen supply. The techniques applied when performing massage are achieved through the use of hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearm, or a device. The exercise is aimed at treating body stress and pain.

Massage is done when lying on a massage table or seated in a massage chair. The procedure can also be done when one is lying on a mat on the floor. A massage can also be achieved using specifically designed electronic chairs. The massage chairs use electronic vibrators and motors to perform the exercise.

Massage chairs are designed to induce deep relaxation, reduce blood pressure and pulse rate, and increase metabolism. They are produced in different varieties in terms of price, style, and intensity. One can buy a massage chair online.

Almost half of the people who require massage is due to medical or health reasons. The reasons may be pain management, soreness, injury rehabilitation, stiffness or overall wellness. Of this 89 % concur that massage as therapy is effective in relieving of pain. Other massage consumers undergo therapy for relaxation and stress reduction.

Reasons Why a Massage Chair May Be Better Than Using a Massage Therapist

  • A massage chair is always available whenever needed and you can buy a massage chair online, unlike a therapist with whom you have to place an appointment.

  • Apart from the initial cost, massage chair running costs are cheaper than professional massage therapist fees.

  • Massage chairs offer privacy and are consistent in their service.

Types of Massage Chairs

The two main classifications of massage chairs online are based on the aim of the chair

  1. Therapeutic Massage Chairs: Therapeutic technology used in massage chairs features calf and foot massage, which is a standard use of air massage for calves and rollers for the feet. Therapeutic massage chairs for sale may also have features like body stretch, waist twist or hip swing, which offer pain relief. The massage chairs also have heating facilities mostly at the lumbar region but may also be available for other body regions like the legs, whole back, and the seat. Other features included deep tissue massage, spot/partial massage mode which allows a user to interrupt massage session or to focus the rollers on the area of interest. Therapeutic massage chairs can also be a foot and calf massager or simply a leg massager.

  2. Hobbyist Massage Chairs: Hobbyist massage chairs are generally aimed at relieving muscle tension and lowering of stress. They also offer comfort by the enhancements which are inbuilt like SSD card slot, USB, or Bluetooth compatibility. They also save space by pivoting on their base when reclining, thus requiring small wall clearance. Another feature is air ionization, which helps in relaxation by blowing cool, ionized air on the face of the user. Some hobbyist massage chairs may have memory slots that can allow you to create custom massage routines according to desired settings.

Different Massage Chair Designs

  1. Fixed frame massage chairs: Their massage mechanism move vertically and horizontally and user pressure point need to align with the mechanism heads so to get a proper massage. Currently, they are not many in the market and the least expensive massage chair online.

  2. The S-Track: It the standard adopted by industries currently. The steel frame in the massage chair is shaped to follow the natural body curve of the spine. The rollers on the frame move in three dimensions. They give high-quality massage starting from the neck to the small of your back.

  3. The hybrid L/S-Track: it is the most recent innovation one can get of massage chairs online. The frame in the chair goes past the small of your back up to the thighs. The chair is also incorporated with full leg massager.

Massage chairs can also be compared according to the physical features or built-in enhancement in them like heated massage chairs, zero-gravity massage chairs, full body massage chairs among others. These features can be fitted in any type of design previously discussed.

Most massage chair online are designed for medium-sized people in terms of height and build. Kahuna massage chairs for sale though are an exception because their models' ottomans are extendable to accommodate varying body sizes.